Hyderabad: Only 50% of students attending physical classes

Only 50% of students attending physical classes

Only 50% of students attending physical classes 


  • Fear of Covid still continues among parents
  • Parents are of the view that their wards will get promoted this time too sans exams
  • However, teachers are worried about the learning gap

Hyderabad: Even after 10 days of reopening of schools, the attendance percentage remained at just 50 per cent with many parents still hesitating to send their wards owing to corona fear.

"As of now, only 50 per cent of students are attending the physical classes. Parents still fear Covid and are not sending their children to schools. Further, with only two to three months left for the academic year to end, many parents are of the view that this time too, their wards would be promoted to next class without conducting exams," said Yadagiri Shekar Rao, State president, Telangana Recognised Schools Management Association (TRSMA).

"Many parents are still in fear of Covid and are planning to send their children to school next academic year. What I feel is that with students not attending the classes, there would be a huge learning gap and when they get promoted, students as well as teaachers are going to face many problems with students missing out on many important topics from their earlier class. Our school is sanitised daily and we are strictly adhering to Covid safety norms, parents should understand that schools are safe places for their children and should send them without having second thoughts," said a private school teacher.

"As it is almost 10 days that the schools have physically resumed, hardly any students are attending the classes. Even those who are attending, they are not regular to school. This is going to impact their learning process. Recently, the Health department had also announced that the third wave is over and that people can now go back to their normal life, but still parents are hesitating to send their children to schools," said Uma Maheshwar, correspondent of Nightingale High School.

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