Hyderabad: Shamsheergunj devoid of basic civic amenities

Shamsheergunj devoid of basic civic amenities

Shamsheergunj devoid of basic civic amenities


  • Sewage overflow
  • Battered internal roads
  • No proper sanitation

Hyderabad: Residents of the Shamsheergunj in Bahadurpura are facing severe hardships due to lack of basic amenities. There are plagued with issues like sewage overflow, battered internal roads, no proper sanitation, encroachment of setback areas and footpaths. With their repeated pleas to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation authorities (GHMC) falling on deaf ears, the residents are clueless as to whom they should approach for redressal of their problems.

The residents of Shamsheergunj, Nawab Sahab Kunta, Teegalkunta and Engine Bowli say that as the sewage overflows in the entire lane in the area regularly, there is a dire need for a drainage pipeline as per new developments.

For any area the basic amenities include good roads, better sanitation and a best drainage system. But, unfortunately, all these facilities are absent in these areas.

Mohammed Ahmed, a resident of Shamsheergunj said, "For the past several years, we have been requesting the authorities to upgrade the sewage system but nothing has been done." It has become a daily nuisance with damaged pipelines that were laid decades back."

Whenever the residents complain to the officials, they close the complaint after a few days stating that the work was completed. However, the issues remain same.

Mohammed Azharuddin, another resident said, "We are struggling to reside here due to lack of basic amenities. Further, the encroachments are eating away into the internal roads making them shrink. The footpaths are encroached by stalls." The main concern is the continuous flow of sewage, which inundates the internal roads repelling residents from using them. The encroachment of footpaths and roads by street vendors causing traffic chaos on main stretches of the area is another concern, residents mooted.

Shaik Khaled resident of Nawab Sahab Kunta said, "the condition of the internal roads is so pathetic as they are bad and uneven which are unfit to use. Another concern is cable wires hanging loosely, at some places almost touching people's heads. As these areas lack storm water drains, whenever it rains, the area gets inundated."

Javed a resident of Teegalkunta said that, "We stay in Old city and issues like no proper streetlights, no proper sanitation, no lifting of garbage remains common. There is no proper sanitation in the area. Hardly, once a week the roads are swept by the sanitation workers and garbage is lifted twice a week. This improper sanitation is creating a hazard for the residents."

No road has been laid since decades. They need to look on such roads and solve the problem.

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