Hyderabad: Swiggy delivery executives launch stir for fair pay

Swiggy delivery executives launch stir for fair pay

Swiggy delivery executives launch stir for fair pay


  • Payment per order: Rs 35
  • Daily incentives must be given
  • Petrol incentives
  • Reinstate monthly incentives and smile points
  • No third-party orders
  • Multi zones should be removed

Hyderabad: Around 2,000 Swiggy delivery executives called for an indefinite strike at Swiggy head office on Monday, demanding the reinstatement of their old pay system, monthly incentives and smile points,and stop giving orders to the third party.

Shaik Salauddin, general secretary, Indian Federation of App-Based Transport Workers, said, "We are forced to go on an indefinite strike due to the current pandemic effect and post lockdown, Swiggy has reduced minimum earning from Rs 35 to Rs 15. More than 40 per cent of the orders are less than 4km. Even though Swiggy is collecting Rs 35 as delivery charges from the customers, it is only paying a minimum of Rs 15 to the delivery executives."

Citing the increase in costs, he said, "The delivery boys are paid on per km charges and waiting time at the restaurant. Due to the increase in fuel prices, the delivery executives should be paid Rs 10 per km for 0-4km; for 4-8km Rs 15 and for more than 8km Rs 25 per km. Also, during peak time the executives are forced to wait 20-30 minutes as restaurants take time to prepare food. Inspiteof this the company paying wages without considering the fuel hike and waiting period."

Moreover, lately, Swiggy is assigning orders to third party companies like Shadowfax and Rapido. "As a result, we are getting less orders and our earning potential is reducedconsiderbly. We demand that Swiggy stop giving orders to Shadowfax and Rapido with immediate effect," said the union executive.

"For the past four years, I have been working as a delivery executive in Swiggy. Even though Covid cases continue to increase we are risking our lives to deliver food and provide essential services to the customer. The government on other hand increased the fuel price repeatedly. Swiggy has reduced our earning structure.

Swiggy used to give a monthly incentive of up to Rs 5,000 based on performance like attendance. It also used to give smile points. Both the monthly incentive and smile points have been removed. We are delivering food to the customers,but we are unable to provide food at our homes.

Therefore, we are forced to go on an indefinite strike. We will continue the strike until our demands are met, said Rajiv, a Swiggy delivery executive.

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