Soon, women will get to shoo away attackers

Soon, women will get to shoo away attackersSoon, women will get to shoo away attackers

In a time when crimes are frequent in many parts of the country and women safety is a most burning issue, not a single day passes without some sort of...

Hyderabad: In a time when crimes are frequent in many parts of the country and women safety is a most burning issue, not a single day passes without some sort of sexual offence or molestation. Any initiative to stop this disturbing trend must be welcomed. Every effort no matter how small it is counts in such a scenario.

Siddharth Mandala, a 19-year old living in Himayatnagar who has completed his schooling and high school from FIITJEE Junior College, Hyderabad, has come up with a design namely ElectroShoe which is a rape-prevention footwear that electrocutes attacker, sends a signal to police and victim's family.

Being a science stream student, Mandala used basic concepts of Physics that he learned in school and made use of a few basic coding skills to make the prototype device. He is currently enrolled in Claremont McKenna College, California, to pursue his degree in Economics.

The incident that spurred him to work on such a device was when Siddharth learnt of the Nirbhaya incident which was one of the most horrific misdeeds the country saw in recent times. The incident made a lasting impact on his young mind –he was barely 12 at that time.

At the age of 15, Siddharth made up his mind to do something himself to enhance women safety. He realised the judiciary system was not taking any solid decisions promptly and speedily, which would act as deterrent to sexual offenders. He spent almost four years working on the device that could prevent rape, and has finally managed to get it to work.

"When I first decided to make this device, I took a lot of feedback from my cousins, friends, neighbours. I asked them why they can't use a taser gun or pepper spray. The feedback gave me an idea that in the heat of the moment when the molester attacks, women have very less time to get the device from their handbags. That's when I realised the device should be something which women always carry with them and is quick to use when it is necessary" said the concerned youth.

"Shoe is a thing which women always wear and can use it as a quick safety device during emergency. I shared this idea with my friend Abhishek and it took us four years to complete that device which we named as ElectroShoe. This is as an answer to atrocities, rapes that have been increasingly happening across the country."

"The shoe will electrocute molester instantly by giving 0.08 - 0.10 Ampere of shock. The molester won't be able to move for some time, which will give the victim precious time to escape from that place and automatically send her location to the nearby police station and family members, indicating that she is in danger," added Siddharth.

The ElectroShoe also tracks the location of the user and messages the location to the nearby police controls stations and victim's parents whenever she is in trouble. To locate the user, instead of using traditional GPS, the ElectroShoe uses Wi-Fi triangulation system to track people's location. What Wi-Fi triangulation does is that instead of using standard satellites to locate the position of the people, this module uses nearby Wi-Fi routers to triangulate the location of people.

Siddharth spent Rs 2,500 to make the prototype shoe. Another feature of this product is that the power source required to run this shoe is solely dependent on your footsteps. The more the user walks, the more mechanical energy is generated and converted into electrical energy and stored in the rechargeable battery.

Siddharth has filed for a patent for his invention and is still working on a few aspects of the show to make it function better and also be comfortable to wear. He doesn't want to restrict it to only flip-flops footwear, but is planning to install this in sandals and shoes, too.

"The metrics for the price is very subjective and really depends on the quantity I manufacture. The more I manufacture the less it becomes obvious and again it depends on the investment I get. However, for the most basic version i.e., minimum viable product of ElectroShoe, I would like to get user's feedback. The product could be sold for Rs 200 to Rs 250," said Siddharth.

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