Congress' Bold Move: Promising Affordable LPG Cylinders In Chhattisgarh Elections

Congress Bold Move: Promising Affordable LPG Cylinders In Chhattisgarh Elections

  • In a strategic election move, Congress pledges to provide subsidized LPG cylinders in Chhattisgarh, promising Rs 500 in subsidies for women.
  • Explore the impact and details of this initiative and its potential implications on the upcoming elections.

The cooking gas cylinder has been a significant focus for all political parties, including the BJP and the Congress. The subsidized LPG scheme called Ujjwala played a pivotal role in securing Narendra Modi's victory in the 2019 elections. In fact, one of the key promises made by the BJP in 2014 revolved around LPG cylinders. However, ever since the Modi government removed the LPG subsidy for most people, except those covered by the Ujjwala scheme, LPG prices skyrocketed, reaching as high as Rs 1,100 per cylinder, which became a contentious issue for the Congress.

Recently, the Congress party clinched victories in two crucial states, Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka. A common winning factor in both states was the pledge of more affordable LPG prices. The BJP recognized this after its humbling defeat in Karnataka, prompting the Union Government to announce a price reduction of Rs 200 per cylinder for regular consumers and Rs 400 for Ujjwala beneficiaries. Presently, LPG cylinders cost Rs 900 for non-Ujjwala consumers and Rs 700 for Ujjwala beneficiaries.

Now, the Congress has gone a step further by pledging a Rs 500 subsidy on cylinders. Congress-ruled states like Rajasthan and Karnataka are already offering LPG cylinders for Rs 500 each. In a new development, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has promised subsidized cooking gas cylinders through a fresh scheme in poll-bound Chhattisgarh. She stated, "If re-elected in Chhattisgarh, Congress will launch the Mahtari Nyay Yojana for women to provide a Rs 500 subsidy per gas cylinder." Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel confirmed that the Rs 500 subsidy would be directly transferred to the bank accounts of women.

However, the Congress has not clarified whether the subsidy will be applied to the full amount of Rs 1,100 or to the already subsidized sum provided by the central government. If the subsidy is granted on the actual price of Rs 1,100, LPG will cost Rs 600 per cylinder in Chhattisgarh.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has also pledged a series of measures, including the waiver of loans for Self-Help Groups and free treatment for victims of road accidents if her party retains power in Chhattisgarh. She further promised up to 200 units of free electricity.

In Chhattisgarh, out of the 90 seats, 20 Assembly constituencies will go to polls in the first phase on November 7, while the remaining 70 constituencies will see voting in the second phase on November 17. The election results will be announced on December 3.

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