Delhi Rains: Delhi CM Announces Financial Aid And Relief Efforts For Flood-Affected Families

Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal (File Photo)


  • Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal pledges Rs 10,000 per family for those affected by floods in the capital, focusing on impoverished communities along the Yamuna River.
  • Special camps will be established to support individuals who have lost important documents, while efforts are underway to provide clothing and books for affected children.

Delhi's Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, made an announcement on Sunday regarding financial assistance for families affected by the floods in the capital. He stated that Rs 10,000 would be provided to each flood-affected family, particularly those living in impoverished conditions along the Yamuna River.

Kejriwal expressed empathy for families who had lost their household belongings due to the floods. Additionally, he assured that special camps would be organized to assist those who had lost important documents like Aadhaar cards, and efforts would be made to provide clothing and books to children who had been affected.

CM Kejriwal personally visited the Mori Gate flood relief camp to assess the situation. He mentioned that while the water level had receded in most areas, normalcy would soon be restored in the remaining affected regions. Houses located in low-lying areas near the Yamuna River were heavily inundated, prompting the government to establish relief camps in schools and dharamshalas to provide basic amenities such as toilets and water. Special camps would also be set up to address the loss of documents. Kejriwal acknowledged that many children had lost their school books and uniforms, and arrangements would be made to support them. Efforts to expedite the drying process, such as providing dry soil, were also underway. Moreover, temporary relief measures were being arranged for those who had lost their belongings.

As per the Central Water Commission, the water level of the Yamuna River had receded to 205.85 meters by 1 pm, but it still slightly exceeded the 'danger mark' of 205.33 meters. However, it was anticipated to decrease further to 205.47 meters by 9 pm on the same day.

Meanwhile, according to Atishi, the Public Works Department Minister of Delhi and a leader of the AAP, the water level of the Yamuna River is rapidly receding. There is optimism that by tonight, the water level will fall below the danger mark. The immediate focus now is on restoring normalcy and establishing relief and rehabilitation camps for those who were forced to evacuate their residences. However, numerous areas in the city are still affected by waterlogging. Efforts are underway to pump out the water from the roads, indicating ongoing efforts to alleviate the situation.

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