Delhi Water Minister Atishi Vows To Fast Until Haryana Resolves Water Crisis

Delhi Water Minister Atishi Vows To Fast Until Haryana Resolves Water Crisis

  • Amid a severe water crisis and heatwave, Delhi Water Minister Atishi continues her fast, demanding Haryana fulfill its obligation to supply 613 MGD of water to the national capital.
  • With groundwater levels critically low, the dispute has reached the Supreme Court for resolution.

Delhi's water minister Atishi, amidst her second day of fasting to protest the water crisis, vowed to persist until the Haryana government supplies adequate water to the national capital. She emphasized that she had exhausted all other options but felt compelled to resort to fasting due to the Haryana government's inaction. Atishi declared, "I will continue my fast until the Haryana Government fulfills its obligation to supply water to Delhi, ensuring that all 28 lakh residents receive their due share."

According to her, Delhi is entitled to receive 613 MGD (Million Gallons per Day) of water, but Haryana has been releasing only 513 MGD for several weeks. The situation has exacerbated due to extreme heatwave conditions in Delhi, amplifying the water shortage.

The AAP government in Delhi has accused neighboring states like Himachal Pradesh and Haryana of violating the Yamuna water sharing agreement, exacerbating the crisis by withholding water from the national capital. This issue has sparked a dispute, with the matter even reaching the Supreme Court, which has instructed the Upper Yamuna River Board to intervene and resolve the issue.

Furthermore, Delhi's reliance on groundwater has reached alarming levels, with a recent report from the Central Ground Water Board indicating that the city has already depleted 99% of its groundwater resources. This underscores the urgent need for neighboring states to fulfill their obligations under existing agreements to meet Delhi's water requirements.

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