Hospital In Nanded, Maharashtra Records Alarming Surge In Patient Deaths

Hospital In Nanded, Maharashtra Records Alarming Surge In Patient Deaths

  • The government hospital in Nanded city, Maharashtra, has seen a disturbing increase in patient deaths, with 31 fatalities in 48 hours and an additional 108 deaths in the past eight days.
  • The hospital's dean emphasizes an adequate medicine supply and addresses concerns about deteriorating patient conditions.

In late September and early October, the government hospital in Nanded city, Maharashtra, had witnessed a distressing surge in patient deaths, with 31 reported within a span of 48 hours. Shockingly, over the past eight days, the hospital recorded an additional 108 deaths. This grim situation continued, as 11 more patients, including an infant, succumbed to their illnesses at the hospital within the last 24 hours.

Addressing the concerning rise in deaths, Shyam Wakode, the Dean of Dr. Shankarrao Chavan Government Medical College and Hospital in central Nanded, reassured the public that there was no lack of essential medications at the facility. He disclosed that over the past 24 hours, a substantial number of patients, exceeding 1,100, were examined by doctors, and 191 new patients were admitted to the hospital. While the average daily death rate had previously been 13, it had now reduced to 11. Tragically, these fatalities included children born with birth defects.

Wakode emphasized that the hospital had an ample stock of medicines and dedicated staff to assist all patients. In response to queries regarding the medication supply, he mentioned that they generally aimed to maintain a three-month inventory, depending on their budget. Importantly, he stated unequivocally that no patient had lost their life due to a shortage of medicines; rather, the deaths were attributed to the patients' deteriorating health conditions.

Simultaneously, on Tuesday, Congress leader and former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan raised concerns about the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of the Nanded hospital. He revealed that despite the admission of more than 60 infants to the NICU, the unit had only three nurses to care for these vulnerable newborns. The situation was dire, with one warmer being used to treat multiple babies simultaneously. This shortage of nursing staff and resources in the NICU was highlighted by the MLA from Bhokar in Nanded district, underscoring the challenges and strain on healthcare services in the region.

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