Waiter Fatally Beaten At Uttar Pradesh Wedding Over Accidental Tray Touch

Waiter Fatally Beaten At Uttar Pradesh Wedding Over Accidental Tray Touch

  • In a heartbreaking incident at a Ghaziabad wedding, waiter Pankaj lost his life after an altercation allegedly sparked by a used tray touching some guests.
  • The brawl unfolded on November 17 at Ankur Vihar’s CGS Vatika, resulting in Pankaj's fatal injury.

In Uttar Pradesh's Ghaziabad last month, a tragic incident unfolded during a wedding ceremony where a waiter, named Pankaj, lost his life allegedly due to an altercation sparked by a used tray he was carrying, which accidentally touched some guests. Pankaj was employed as a waiter at CGS Vatika in Ankur Vihar when the unfortunate incident occurred on November 17.

The dispute erupted when Rishabh and two of his associates became agitated after the used plates carried by Pankaj made contact with them during the ceremony. Tragically, during the ensuing scuffle with Rishabh and his friends, Pankaj sustained a fatal injury after falling to the ground. The other two individuals involved in the altercation have been identified as Manoj and Amit.

In an attempt to evade apprehension, Rishabh and his companions concealed Pankaj's body in a nearby jungle. However, the police discovered the body a day later on November 18. Currently, all three accused are in police custody as the investigation unfolds.

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