Top Trending Videos Of The Week (September 4 - September 10)

Top Trending Videos Of The Week

Top Trending Videos Of The Week


There are several trending videos that emerged during the week and had grabbed the attention of the users.

There are several trending videos that emerged during the week and had grabbed the attention of the users. The trending videos had entertained people in different manners.

One of the trending videos of the week that emerged was of the woman who impressed people with her behaviour. A trending video of a woman petting a little snake that had inadvertently entered her housing development has gone viral. The snake was seen softly urging the woman to leave her home. Her tone is gentle, as if she were speaking to a kid.

The woman can be seen moving the snake that had already entered the building with just a stick. In the viral footage, the snake can even be seen creeping outside the house. The woman proceeded to persuade it with lovely words for its own protection, even urging it not to return to the house and avoid further human contact.

Watch The Trending Video Of A Coimbatore Woman Gently Using Soft Words And Requesting The Cobra To Leave Her House

Another video that grabbed the attention was the sole remaining thylacine, sometimes known as a Tasmanian tiger, can be seen padding around its display at the Beaumaris Zoo in Hobart, Australia. That long-dead animal, called Benjamin by his keepers, has been seen coming back to life in a new colourized edition of the movie.

Benjamin has yellowish fur striped with dark brown across his back and rump in remastered film released on YouTube by Australia's National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA) on September 6. As he stares carefully at his exceptionally long jaws in head-stretching yawning, his tongue and the interior of his mouth are a lovely shade of pink.

Last Confirmed Thylacine's Footage Is Now Available Colorized Edition

Another video, last not the least of the week that entertained the users was of on social media, a trending video of a newborn elephant being rescued by its family has gone viral, displaying the gentle creature's compassionate nature. @hopkinsBRFC21's 49-second trending video has been viewed over 54,000 times on social media. In the trending video, a baby elephant waited by a water hole with just an older family member. Another elephant was enjoying on the other side of the watering hole. The newborn elephant eventually fell into the water hole by accident.

Watch The Trending Video Of An Baby Elephant Falling Into Water Hole

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