Hindu Groups demand ban on Junaid Khan's ‘Maharaj’ movie on OTT

Hindu Groups demand ban on Junaid Khans ‘Maharaj’ movie on OTT

Hindu Groups demand ban on Junaid Khan's ‘Maharaj’ movie on OTT


Junaid Khan's debut film ‘Maharaj’ faces backlash from Hindu groups and netizens, calling for a ban ahead of its Netflix release, citing religious sensitivities.

The much-anticipated debut of Aamir Khan's son, Junaid Khan, in the movie ‘Maharaj,’ directed by Siddharth P Malhotra, has become a hotbed of controversy even before its release. Scheduled to stream directly on Netflix from June 14, ‘Maharaj’ skips traditional theaters, setting the stage for a unique yet turbulent entry into Bollywood for Junaid Khan.

‘Maharaj’ is based on real-life events, with Junaid Khan portraying a journalist who challenges the injustices perpetrated under the guise of Bhakti during the British era. Shalini Pandey, known for her role in Arjun Reddy, stars as the heroine, while Zaidi Ahlawat plays a significant role in the film.

A day before its release, ‘Maharaj’ found itself embroiled in controversy. Various Hindu groups and netizens are calling for a ban on the movie, alleging that its posters and content are intended to hurt Hindu sentiments and beliefs. Critics argue that the film portrays Hindu saints and elders negatively, which has led to widespread outrage.

A prominent leader from the Bajrang Dal took to Twitter to express his discontent, recalling how Aamir Khan previously faced backlash for making jokes about Lord Shiva in the movie PK. He accused Junaid Khan of continuing a legacy of distorting Hindu religion and rituals through ‘Maharaj.’

One netizen commented that Yashraj Films, along with the movie makers, are humiliating Hindu saints by depicting them in a negative light. Another tweet condemned Aamir Khan for launching his son with a film that allegedly promotes an anti-Hindu narrative.

The backlash has escalated on social media, with hashtags like #BoycottNetflix and #BanMaharajMovie trending on Twitter. Many users are urging others not to watch the film and to boycott Netflix for streaming it. The absence of trailers and teasers for Maharaj on Netflix, reportedly to avoid fueling further controversies, has not dampened the fervor of those calling for its ban.

Aamir Khan married Reenadatta in 1986, and Junaid was born to them. Their marriage ended in 2002, and Aamir later married Kiran Rao, a marriage that lasted until 2021. Junaid has been involved in Bollywood for some time, working as an assistant director on several of his father’s films, including PK. Before the release of Maharaj, Junaid is also set to act as the hero in two more films, indicating a significant push to establish his career in Bollywood despite the current controversies.

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