Hyderabad: Dr Inguva Kartikeya Sarma (87), who made stellar contributions in the field of archaeology and history, passed away at his residence in Old City here on Thursday. He had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for the past few years.
 “We have lost a jewel and an authority on history and culture. I K Sarma’s outstanding works have thrown light on many unvisited contours of history. We feel proud to be his contemporaries and to have worked with him on many projects” Dr Vakulabharanam Ramakrishna, a  noted historian, paid his tributes. The doyen of Andhra archaeology was born on October 15, 1937, in Pallipadu village in Nellore district. He completed his PG Diploma in Archaeology from the School of Archaeology, ASI, New Delhi, and went on to pursue his masters from Nagpur.
Dr Sarma became an authority on ancient history of Telugu people.  He was instrumental in excavating a Shiva temple in Gudimallam near Sullurpet in Nellore district, which was an architectural marvel. He did his research on the same subject at Pune University.
When the construction of Nagarjuna Sagar dam was underway, he, along with Devulapalli Krishna Sastry, helped Dr Raviprolu Subramanyam set up a museum at Nandikonda.
Dr Sarma had a great acumen in various disciplines of archaeology, art and architecture, numismatics, conservation of monuments and museum organisation. He participated in the following excavations: Nagarjuna Konda (1956-57); Kalibhangam in Rajasthan (1960-62 & 1964-66); Paiyampalli in Tamil Nadu (1968); Pauni in Maharashtra (1969-70); Surkotda in  Gujarat (1970-71); Gudimallam (1974-75); Amaravati (1974-75); Guntupalli and Pedavegi in Andhra Pradesh (1985-87).
He published several books including: The Coinage of Satavahana Empire; The Development of Early Shiva Art and Architecture; and Science and Archeology in India.
“The AP History Congress has taken up the task of bringing the entire history- encompassing civilization, politics, literature, fine arts, religion and philosophy of Telugu land- in eight volumes. Five volumes have already been published and I K Sarma was made as the Editor of the second volume, as a token of our respect for the renowned historian” Vakulabharanam told The Hans India.  He was a good human being,   a man of conviction and immense self-confidence, he added. His other works include early Buddhist monuments and Brahmi inscriptions of Andhradesa, early Brahmi inscriptions from Sannati etc. He also worked as the Director of ASI for some years.