Sinking Telugu Literature - Writers we knew

Sinking Telugu Literature - Writers we knew

\"The great Telugu literature is sinking; the most talented ones are now being wasted in Indian Cinema - this is our luck, this is their fate\" expressed Trivikram Srinivas, a noted Writer and Director in Telugu Film Industry, stating the obvious.

"The great Telugu literature is sinking; the most talented ones are now being wasted in Indian Cinema - this is our luck, this is their fate" expressed Trivikram Srinivas, a noted Writer and Director in Telugu Film Industry, stating the obvious. The great Telugu Literature is slowly making its way to get into the oblivion. As harsh as that sounds, truth cannot be overlooked. After all, not many prospective novelists and poets were not seen in the fresh blood in the last two decades. With no obvious successors for taking the reigns and propelling the country's oldest literature, we are in troubled waters hailing from the Telugu soil and struggling to retain the legacy that once changed the mindsets and thinking of people.

The closest one ever got in the recent times to express the depth of literature to the current generation was Power Star Pawan Kalyan when he sort of nationalized Balagangadhar Tilak's poem while addressing thousands at the start of Jana Sena Party. Other than that, there are literary seminars held here and there in the City with not much turnout for the passion of the language. With more and more Telugu writers and poets taking the film route rather than the novel one, the concern raised by Trivikram is actually a grave one. Talks are being held to uphold the legacy while new talent is yet to come and take over the falling tradition.
We reminisce some of the greatest Telugu writers and poets who have originated from the Telugu culture, wrote and sang out loud to impact the masses.
Bammera Pothana (Pothana)
Pothana was the first of the Telugu poets known for his translation of Bhagavata Purana from Sanskrit to Telugu. This was called as Pothana Bhagavatam in Telugu.
Tikkana Somayaji (Tikkana)
Perhaps one of the legends of the Telugu civilization, Tikkana the poet was the second in the 'Trinity of Poets' who translated epic Mahabharatamu into Telugu over a period covering centuries. His works mostly revolved around the religious and historic values of India. His proficiency with the Grandhik language of Telugu was impeccable.
Errana was a great Telugu poet in the era of 13th century in the Reddy dyansty. Errana translated Sanskrit Mahabharatam over a period of several centuries and he was one the Trilogy of poets who translated the Mahabharatamu into Telugu.
The third gem in the Trilogy of Poets, Nannaya is considered to be the poet legend who revived Telugu as a language. He is also known as Adi kavi in recognition of his works in Telugu.
Devarakonda Balagangadhara Tilak
Needless to say most of the youth now know him thanks to Pawan Kalyan's racing ideology and his worship for the writer. Tilak was an influential poet, novelist and short story writer whose revolutionary thoughts on courage and societal predicament stirred the masses. Most of Tilak's stories were influenced by the likes of Maxim Gorky and Rabindranath Tagore.
Allasani Peddana
Hailing from the 15th and 16th centuries, Allasani was a famous Telugu poet in the court of King Krishnadevaraya, the ruler of Vijayanagaram Empire. Peddana was ranked as the foremost of the Ashtadiggajalu (the title for eight poets) in the King's court. His famous work is Swarochisha Manu Sambhavam. (Manu Charitra)
Gurajada Apparao
The legend of the Telugu literature, Gurajada was a known poet and writer who wrote famous plays like Kanyasulkam. An outstanding social reformer who took to stage writing plays that addressed burning social issues, Gurajada practically rewrote the history of Telugu literature in entirety taking the importance of words to a whole new level.
Daasaradhi Krishnamacharyulu
One of the most outstanding writers and poets of Telugu endowment, Daasarathi was conferred with prestigious titles such as Abhyudhaya Kavi and Kalaprapurna. A proud recipient of Sahitya Academy Award for his work Thimiramtho Samaram (Fight against darkness), he was also chosen as Aastana Kavi of the Andhra Pradesh Government back then.
Daasarathi was also arrested multiple times because of his revolutionary ideas that he propagated against the Nizam rule.
Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani
One of the greatest woman writer who massively contributed to literature, Sulochana Rani wrote about simple families, everyday lives and depth of relationships. Women greatly relate to her works. Most of her novels were later made into films. Some of the famous novels include Meena, Premalekhalu and Aatma Gauravam.
Yandamuri Veerendranath
One of the last gems of the modern Telugu literature till date, Yandamuri is a renowned Telugu novelist. He managed to cast a remarkable impact on the generations with his socially relevant writings. Issues like poverty, prejudices and superstitions were well picked up in his works. He also penned film scripts. Some of his famous works include Abhilasha, Bhetala Prashnalu and Vijayaniki Oru Mettu.
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