Telangana, Seemandhra secretariat employees involve in punch-up

Telangana, Seemandhra secretariat employees involve in punch-upHyderabad: The state bifurcation issue and the associated division of employees between the states has become a burning topic and ignited fire between the employees of the two states. Recently, on Friday the two teams had a fight at secretariat as the podium for the scuffle. The south ‘H’ Block of secretariat has been designated as the secretariat of Andhra Pradesh state. At the same place, Telangana employees have established their own secretariat. This act was opposed by Andhra employees leading for the mêlée between the two groups.

It is learnt that the Andhra employees have raised their voice over Telangana employees for their very act, stating that it was not fair to undertake such a decision without informing them. From the other end, Telangana employees replied that they have been requesting for last six months and upon receiving no response they had to act so. The wordy arguments later turned into the physical attacks. The police meddled in between and tried to control the situation.
The appointed day has been approaching and the division of employees has not been finalised so far. This issue has become a headache for the authorities. The employees of either region are now getting prepared for opening up their voice in front of Mohanty, the Chief Secretary. From the other end, the authorities are planning for a temporary division of employees that could be ultimately resolved by the governments concerned in the coming days.
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