Biometric Attendance
Biometric Attendance

Vijayawada: The School Education department on Wednesday directed the District Education Officers (DEOs) to ensure that 100% biometric attendance is implemented in the schools. This measure is aimed at improving performance of the schools.

Following orders of Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, Commissioner of School Education Sandhya Rani on Wednesday issued a circular RC No: 152\IT to all the DEOs in the State.

According to sources in the Commissionerate of School Education (CSE), there are 41,601 government schools in the State, out of which 27,808 schools have so far been enabled for biometric system in the State.

This constitutes 67.32 % of total schools. As many as 1,45,087 teachers are working in biometric system enabled schools, out of which 1,09,493 teachers are using biometric system for attendance which is 75.47 per cent.  

This information is obtained through e-hazar application provided by APOnline and NIC\IT&EC department. Commissioner of School Education Sandhya Rani instructed 100% bio-metric attendance in the schools and instructed to change devices, if they are not working properly.

She further instructed strict implementation of bio-metric system for students to check irregularities in the Mid-Day Meal scheme being implemented in the schools.

Srikakulam district stood first in implementing the biometric attendance in the State. In all, 87.62% of teachers are attending schools using the system while Visakhapatnam district stood in the last place with 66.41% teachers utilising the system.

If the officials found low percentage of biometric attendance in any school, the Commissioner asked the officials to send a team to study the defects in the system. 

If the signals are weak in some schools, she instructed them to use SIM cards of other companies, having good network and strong signals. Cent percent Aadhaar feeding has been completed in the government schools.

Municipal School Teachers Association State president S Rama Krishna said, “I am demanding 100% implementation of bio-metric system to improve performance of schools.  If bio-metric system is implemented, teachers will go to schools at the right time.

Students’ attendance will also increase in the schools. Due to implementation of biometric attendance, the government is saving crores of rupees every month. Similarly, irregularities in the Mid-Day Meal scheme will be checked. The government will get actual details of number of students attending the schools.”  

UTF State president I Venkateswara Rao said, "I am not against the biometric attendance system. Biometric devices are not working properly. Sometimes we are not getting signals properly, as a result the teachers are facing difficulties. I am requesting the government to rectify the deficiencies. I met Principal Secretary Adityanath Das and explained the problem. "