A whiff of fresh air

A whiff of fresh air

A Whiff of Fresh Air, New Movie Mallelatheeramlo Sirimalle Puvvu. In the process of wooing and wining the affection of their love, what do they experience is what the film is all about.

Throwing light on the fate of most urban love stories these days without going the melodramatic way, this is probably one of the most honest, sincere and brave attempts of the year after ‘Mallelatheeramlo Sirimalle Puvvu’. In terms of both content and the style, this is a departure from the cinema that we’ve associated for long. This is new age cinema, a cinema which finds few takers but has its heart and soul in the right place.

Presenting three love stories without linking them at the end is not an easy task, but director Pawan Sadineni makes a simple job of it. His three love stories having nothing in common barring the fact that major portions of the stories prevail at a coffee shop owned by Randy (Harshvardhan Rane), a musician. Sarayu (Vithika Sheru) drops by his shop compelling him to perform at her college, which he resists. Cut to the second story, Royal Raju (Vishnu) arrives in Hyderabad to love a girl who thinks on his lines, be it smoking or chilling out with a beer. He eventually finds one in the form of Sameera (Ritu Varma), a young costume designer working on the new movie of actor Mahanama (Satyam Rajesh). He manages to join the film as an assistant director and starts bonding with Sameera. Cut to third story, RJ Arjun (Harish), the most popular face in town is also a Casanova. He loses his heart to Shanti (Sri Mukhi), a corporate employee who knows Arjun inside out.
In the process of wooing and wining the affection of their love, what do they experience is what the film is all about.
This is director Pawan Sadineni’s show from the first reel to the last. His story, treatment and characters are bang in place and lending a great support to his vision include the technical team of cinematographer Karthik, production designer Mohan, and composer Shravan. Made under a budget of Rs 80 lakh, the production designer and cinematographer work in tandem to present a product that looks much more than the invested amount. If visuals are refreshing, the production design is pleasing to the eye. The coffee shop where the main action takes place acts as another major character. While songs may not be topping the charts, they take the story forward here.
The only place where the film falters is the running time. If the first half was considerably reduced by ten minutes and succeeding half a tad bit, this could have been sharper. The maker also fails to explain why Randy rents his shop for shooting when he, at the first instant, seems so disinterested.
If not for the realistic plot and approach, this should be watched for the performances that all the three lead pairs bring in. Standing out tall, especially is Vishnu. As the guy who initially mimics Ravi Teja, he comes a long way and speaks with his eyes for the penultimate portions. On the entertaining part too, his timing is spot on. Not to leave behind is Harshvardhan Rane. Highly underrated, this guy is out to prove a point that he is force to reckon with. Of the three leading ladies, Sri Mukhi deserves a special mention for the way she carried her part of a girl who is ambitious and wants to make it big in profession. The three girls, who are in fact natives of the State, are here to stay!
Made with multiplex audience, particularly youth in mind, this is for all and sundry. Round off the year by catching this at the earliest. Chances are that you are bound to go down the memory lane with your own little love story.
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