Communication VS English

Communication VS English

Generally many students/job seekers mistake Communication skill means having good English speaking capability. They are two different issues. It is...

Dear Sir, I've completed my degree in 2010 and MBA Finance in 2012. I can't speak English. I didn't get any job so far. My friends suggest me to learn SAP FICO module so please suggest me how to overcome this problem. - Rampal

Generally many students/job seekers mistake Communication skill means having good English speaking capability. They are two different issues. It is all about holding conversation with anyone. Be it with the interviewer, boss or a stranger in the market with confidence and clarity, in a language that the other person is able to understand you. You can improve English on your own.

There is no need to join any spoken English teaching institutes. First speak in your mother tongue on the topic of your choice to a very close friend for two minutes or record it. Observe your performance and do it repeatedly. You can do this in front of mirror also. That’s how you can improve your communication.

To improve English language, read newspapers, watch English channels, etc. Then start speaking in English with your kin & kith, don't be shy. Observe carefully when others speak, how they use different words at different times. Take opinion of others who are good in English. Keep improving yourself through self learning.

In few months, you will definitely find a change in you. Coming to SAP, do not join any course just because of certification. When it comes to SAP FICO, it’s advisable to join such course after getting couple of years of experience in finance field only. You will not gain anything without having work experience. Better start your career in a startup company. Go through or to find relevant opportunity for you.

Sir, I have done my post graduation (MSc) Applied Electronics from Osmania University in 2006, after that I worked as electronics lecturer till 2011. Now I want to go for VLSI course, will it be helpful for me, if so please suggest me the institutes. - Viswa

You’ve plenty of career opportunities in product companies; design services companies and electronic design automation (EDA) companies. In companies like Texas Instruments, PMC Sierra, Infineon, Alliance Semiconductor, Freescale Semiconductor, Analog Devices, Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, HCL, Intel, Lucent, Micron Tech, National Semiconductor, Motorola, Philips Semiconductor, Qualcomm, Sasken, Atrenta, Conexant, Moschip, Cradle Tech, Synplicity, Wipro, TCS comand eInfochips recruit VLSI engineers. But they look for strong fundamentals in basic electronics and semiconductor concepts like system design, timing and semiconductor physics.

They also look for good knowledge of languages like VHDL, Verilog, Specman and System Verilog, as well as good programming skills and scripting abilities. In lateral hires, they look for strong domain-understanding or sector specific knowledge, as the industry is moving towards vertical offerings in chip design. Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), VedaIIT, Vector Institute, Sandeepani Training Instt offer Diploma/PG Diploma courses in VLSI. You can also learn through:;;

Sir, I am interested to do a technical job in e-commerce field.- Nimisha

As an aspirant, you need to focus in two areas: Soft skills & Hard/Technical skills. Hard/Technical skills such as web design and website maintenance and security, and also for those with skills relating to digital marketing, web analytics and copywriting, individuals who possess a blend of both technical and business understanding. You should learn HTML5/CSS3, PHP5/MYSQL5, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, Jquery, AJAX, MVC Framework, LAMP, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3; e-commerce Platform: OpenCart, Magento. Soft Skills include PR skills, marketing skills, communication skills, business analysis skills, problem solving skills, customer service skills, user-empathy skills, etc. However, you need to be thorough in all the above skills; you can start your career with awareness on those skills. You can visit this website to understand the basics and know many aspects in e-commerce: /course/ntuecom

Hello Sir, I'm planning to do BFA from Osmania University. I do not know anything about it. What are the career opportunities after doing this course? - Rima

Osmania University offers Bachelor of Fine Arts (Photography) 3 years course - for Intermediate students; Bachelor of Fine Arts (Applied Arts) 5 years course - for SSC students; Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) 5 years course - for SSC students. This course is well suited for those with creative artistic visual skills. Arts graduates can join various fields such as art studios, advertising companies and publishing houses.

Many people are self-employed in this field, which enables them to work on various projects. Other associated fields are product design, manufacturers, online services, publishing houses, software companies and magazines where art graduates can work as art critics or arts specialists. Artists and craftsmen at times work as freelancers and make their living by selling artwork created by them. Mostly in freelancing jobs acquiring a steady income is not possible. However, people with outstanding talent at times receive outstanding commissions for their exquisite work. Within the fine arts field, success prospects depends on an individual interest level, exposure, experience, creativity, market awareness, motivation and definitely talent. A fresher can opt for various job openings like: Visualizing professional; illustrator; art critic; artists; art professionals; design trainer.

The career opportunities in this field are huge. They can find employment in various areas like: Animation; advertising companies; art studios; clothing industry; dance studios; digital media; fashion houses; magazines; manufacturers; on-line services; print making; publishing houses; sculpture; television; publishing industry; graphic arts; teaching; films and theatre productions; textile industry.

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