Food to boost your sex drive on V-day revealed

Food to boost your sex drive on V-day revealed

Food To Boost Your Sex Drive On V-Day Revealed

London: Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year, is filled with gifts, hearts, balloons and most importantly - sex.
So, design your meals for the entire day with ingredients than can boost your sex drive, the Daily Star reported.
For breakfast, you can have anything from porridge and honey to a slice of wholemeal toast with peanut butter to scrambled eggs and salmon.
While bananas as morning snacks are associated with better orgasms, women who ate more chocolate felt more sexually fulfilled.
For lunch, you can choose between a cheese and cucumber sandwich and an avocado salad and for afternoon snacks try doughnuts, liquorice , pistachios or popcorn.
Your dinner should consist of: celery and dips or asparagus tips for starters, curry, steak or seafood platter for main course and vanilla ice cream and strawberries or watermelons for desserts.
Lastly, drinks like coffee, wine, champagne or beer will help your libido.

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