Restaurant Review: Chilli's in Hyderabad for Tex Mex

Restaurant Review: Chilli

Restaurant Review: Chilli-'s in Hyderabad for Tex Mex. Chili’s is the most sought after Tex Mex restaurant in the city which has a huge fan base....

Chili’s is the most sought after Tex Mex restaurant in the city which has a huge fan base. Aptly located in Inorbit Mall, it’s a perfect place to hangout over drinks and some great music. Having visited it quite a few times, this time I was here to try their newly launched Sweet, Smoky & Hot additions.

The Ambiance is of a typical casual dining, with bright red colors. Once inside, the Old Rock music will automatically take you into karaoke mode. Margarita and Chili’s are synonymous with each other, and their newly launched Watermelon Margarita was the perfect start to our Sunday afternoon. From the Appetizers, the triple Dipper combo of Boneless Chicken wings, Fried Paneer Quesadilla bites & Texas Cheese poppers complimented the Margarita very well of which Boneless Chicken wings were the star, the tangy flavor over the soft chicken wings was done to perfection. The Fried Quesadilla bites & Texas cheese poppers were good in their own way. The chipotle sour cream went well with the fried quesadilla but I would’ve liked some different sauce for Texas Cheese poppers instead of the ranch.

Next on the list was Country Fried Calamari, a golden fried version of it, while the batter used was a little bland, the cilantro sauce served along was quite flavorful to complement the fried calamari. Loved it! I was particular about trying the Smoked Salmon Salad while my friend ordered for Grilled Chicken Salad. I loved the presentation of the smoked salmon salad which was served in a huge Margarita Glass, this was extremely good and exactly the way I imagined it to be. The spicy Chicken Salad which was even better than the salmon salad, the smoky ranch dressing made the salad quite flavorsome, this was too good!

For the mains, I opted for a well done tenderloin steak, this is supposedly their signature and true to my expectations it was made to perfection, very rarely have I had such proper well done steak, topped with garlic butter it was extremely flavorsome, this was served with mashed potato and fries which was decent as sides. The pulled chicken corn cakes was one of a kind I’ve heard about and was keen to order it, this turned out to be just average and nothing exciting, I would’ve loved it to have a little more of chicken, the onions were completely overpowering it. The Big burger bites were customized to my liking, the beef meat was changed to chicken and veg which was decent, but I guess I should’ve ordered it the way it originally is!

From the deserts, I tried the Cheese Cake which had too much of strawberry dressing that was used for plating, I would’ve preferred the chocolate dressing instead since the strawberry flavor was too strong, but otherwise the Cheese Cake was good by itself. When contemplating between the Molten Chocolate Cake & Choco chip Paradise pie, the restaurant manager offered both of them for us to try. The Molten Chocolate Cake was huge in size and was good which was very similar to choco volcano, The Choco Chip Paradise pie was the star among the deserts, It was a warm pie filled with nuts, chocolate & coconut with a scoop of ice cream over it. Absolutly scrumptious to finish off the meal.

On the service front, the staff were prompt and ensured that the order was customized as per our palate, the restaurant manager named Tayyab was helpful in suggesting us the right things from the menu and was also keen to know the feedback after every course.

Overall, must say for the kind of food and service offered at Chili’s, it definitely is one of the world’s most admired food services company.

Photos and review by Vishal Fernandes

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