Flying High with Udaan

Flying High with Udaan

Flying High With Udaan. Playing a non-glamorous mother who has to pawn her child to the landlord, Sai Deodhar Anand is excited with her comeback in ‘Udaan’ on Colors

Playing a non-glamorous mother who has to pawn her child to the landlord, Sai Deodhar Anand is excited with her comeback in ‘Udaan’ on Colors

Sai DeodharThe dusky beauty with a husky voice, Sai Deodhar Anand is back on the Indian Television after four long years. After being busy as a mother to 3-year-old Nakshatra in real life, Sai will now be seen on screen in ‘Udaan Sapnon Ki’ on Colors where she portrays a helpless mother of a baby girl child who due to dire circumstances has been pawned to the landlord by her parents.

So what made Sai take up this offer after her own decision of staying away from the screen for four years? “I had worked with Gurudev Bhalla ten-years back when he was the director of my first show ‘Saara Aakash’ at that time he had promised that whenever he makes his own show I will be a part of it. So when he thought of making ‘Udaan’ he called me and told me about this role and said that I will fit the role best. However, I was in a dilemma since as a mother it was difficult for me to think of leaving my daughter and going off to work. I then heard the story narration and had tears in my eyes since I could relate to it on a very different level. My mom suggested I should go for it. I am happy that I did, since it is a beautiful concept and there was no reason for me to say no to it.”

“I play mother to a seven-year-old child and just like every other mother I too am a loving mother who also feels guilty when she scolds her child and then gets frustrated too. However, her pain is doubled since her daughter is pawned to the landlord by her husband even before she is born. She succumbs to the circumstances when it is time for her to surrender her child once she is seven-years of age. The turmoil in her mind cannot be described in words.”

The show which is based in the interiors of Uttar Pradesh has the background of bonded labourers which is still a sad reality in some places of India. Sai’s character in the show has a totally de-glam look with simple clothes and almost no make-up. Doing something different from the usual in fact helped her says Sai, “I am happy that I waited for the right role. I now have a fire in me when I reach the set, which is something I have experienced after a long time.”

Sai who is married to actor Shakti Anand kept in touch with the entertainment industry by turning into a producer. The duo has produced the serial ‘Khamoshiyaan’ and are all set to release their first Marathi film ‘Saatelot’ next month. “Shakti always encouraged me to start acting again but I was taking my own time since I felt my baby was still small and the offers coming in were not worth leaving her and going out to shoot.”

This time however it was different since now her daughter Nakshatra is three years old and started pre-school recently. “All working mothers feel guilty of working which is in my case too but I try not to get her on the sets as I get distracted. I shoot for about 12 hours and never shoot after 9 pm and whatever time I get for myself I rush home to be with Nakshatra who has a set routine now due to her school.”

Sai’s mother Shrabani Deodhar who is a noted filmmaker herself is now her pillar of strength, “My mom has been a huge support and now I see her in a different light altogether. I have realised that your mother always stands by you like now when she is taking care of Nakshtra in my absence.”

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