International Women’s Day
International Women’s Day

Every year, we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8. This year, the theme for International Women’s Day is ‘Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives’. Unlike earlier, women these days  are doing everything and entering every field equally with men and even achieving more than men in various fields. Women are an important element of our society.

 The modern society has started recognising the individual identity of women. She is believed to have her aspiration, abilities, and qualities just as any man does and it is also agreed that she should have the opportunities to develop her faculties and to express them according to her own choice. We spoke to successful women from various walks of life and what there opinions are on issues like modern Indian women, gender equality and women empowerment.

Gender equality has to be unfolded

Modern Indian women is not a homogeneous concept, it can be rural women and urban women. We have to remember the difference. Now, urban women are more confident, and they are doing every work all over the world. Rural women are facing various difficulties in choosing their carriers compared to urban women. But the situation has been changing now due to many awareness activities. 

So far, gender equality has to be unfolded. In rural India, it is not happening when compared to the opportunities that men have. The government is also doing many activities to change the situation. In cities, women are still facing problems like eve-teasing and a lot more. Through Pegasus Art Gallery, I am helping women to showcase their works. At present, an American artist Ursula is showcasing her work at the exhibition.

- Chandana Khan IAS (Retd)

Decision makers

Modern Indian women are independent and handling more than one work at a time, and they are the decision makers in  family too. They do not forget their roots and at the same time adopting latest fashions with ease. They are the mixture of both times. As a Business Development Director, I interact with clients all over the world. In India, the way men speak to women is different and we need to work hard to eradicate the gender inequality. 

In villages, gender equality is in a bad condition and we need to work hard to fix the problem. It must start from our homes. Starting work early helps women to achieve more in life and gives a good experience about how to handle situations. My advice for women is to go abroad or in a different city and study, experience a different world. Women empowerment activities must also start from our homes if we want to make a difference.
- Kavya Bali, Business Development Director

No compromise

Modern Indian woman is about being herself, doing what she wants, how she stands at difficult situations and what she thinks at crucial times. Women have always been multitaskers and they can do several things at a time. Gender equality is increasing and nobody  is treating women like they did 20 years back.

 Every woman is standing up for herself to do what she likes whether it’s a village or town and getting good support from family and friends. Women have to follow their dreams and choose not to compromise at any point. We have an orphanage ‘Sai Krupa’ for kids at Bharath Nagar and through this, we are helping kids to achieve their dreams.

- Suma, owner, Kaficko and Haiku

Women are multitaskers

Modern Indian women are strong women, who give justice to her life and are good at multitasking; they do whatever they want to do. She has the clarity of what to do and what not to for a better society. Gender equality is increasing, and men have started to give equal importance to women in all fields. Today’s daughters are also well educated and choosing the professions of their choice. 

In urban areas there is no gender difference whereas in small towns and sections there is no gender equality. Every woman has to be passionate about her life and needs to work hard. As a makeup artist, I feel beauty is a tool of women empowerment.

- Gazal, Makeup artist

Has to go a long way

The present women are doing great in every field but still has to go a long way. The future of women is very bright, the level of education has been increased and many working are successfully. We are organising many activities like ‘Beti Padao-Beti Bachao’ to empower women. 

Women’s Day is not only for women, it is for everyone and the society has to change the mindset about women, men must allow women to do what they want to do. I am proud of all the women for showing courage in various fields. 

Gender equality is increasing but still, we have to cover a long distance in it. The mentality of men and women has to change. I am part of an NGO Youngisthan’s Women of Courage team and helping younger children about issues like hygiene and child abuse.
- Kiran Mortha, bike rider 

Successful everywhere

In my opinion, modern Indian women are a blend of western mind and cultural. They are successful housewives and excel at work too. I wouldn’t say that the gender equality is increasing or decreasing because we don’t know what is exactly happening among middle and upper-middle-class people. There are still gender equality issues happening in villages and even in small towns. 

I think it is still picking up in the rural areas. People from middle-class in Hyderabad are still  facing problems like early marriages. Young girls are totally inclined towards social media and wasting time in posting pictures. Although it is not a bad thing, they are wasting time, they need to give importance to careers. 

In this 21 century, we have plenty of job opportunities and my suggestion for girls is to think about your future and decide what you want. As a Zumba practitioner, I have been to many corporate offices for classes and doing the same for five years. I have also participated in many events and interacted with different women on these issues.

- Vijaya Tupurani, Zumba, instructor

It has to be guided from home

Times have changed and women are achieving anything they want. In my opinion, working women are not getting an appreciation for their hard work. The work of women has to be recognised by their talent and hard work, not by other things. In cities, gender equality is increasing, and I have never faced any problem till now. 

I was always treated equally with boys. In villages, gender equality and gender parity is not happening. Still, girls are asked to stay at homes and boys are asked to go work. We can achieve the equality when parents  are educated in villages. It has to be guided from home that both are equal. We are doing many corporate social responsibility activities for both men and women. On this Women’s Day, I will share the female models and DJ’s struggles with my audience.

- RJ Ayushi Singh, Fever 94.3

She has to support herself

Women are born superwoman, not just woman because they are excellent in every field and doing wonders. Women are making the modern Indian women thing became a reality by handling multiple tasks at a time. Gender equality is increasing compared to the earlier times, but it hasn’t reached the mark where it should have. 

20 years ago, girls were not allowed to do what they want but the situation has changed in recent times. Gender equality is increasing but it has to come go a long way. 

With proper education, we can empower girls. Compared to villages, women have more opportunities and freedom to chose whatever they want to. Every woman has to figure what she wants to become in life and has to prepare well for it to make a difference. 

She should be independent  enough to support herself to go a long way in her carrier. As a chef, I am trying to appoint mostly women in my industry to give them opportunities.

- Divjyot Chawla, Chef