10-needle, 15-minute treatment

10-needle, 15-minute treatment

Acupuncture is about inserting sterilised needles at the right time. For example, spinal cord treatment works...

Acupuncture is about inserting sterilised needles at the right time. For example, spinal cord treatment works best from 9 - 11 pm niddleAnitha, 35, has been suffering from severe knee and back pains for the last few months. She followed all kinds of treatment procedures and consumed powerful medications but in vain. Finally she approached an Acupuncture specialist and took treatment under her guidance. Today she says she is free from her severe knee pains and back aches. Dr Alka, expert in arthritis, tackles knee pain, arthritis, frozen shoulders etc with the help of just few needles and seeds, colours or other acupuncture methods. "It is completely non surgical procedure. Treatment procedures would be decided depending upon the disease, severity of the ailment, and the age of the patient (child/adult/young or senior citizen) etc. Acupuncture is a drugless and painless treatment. Now-a-days many patients look forward to alternative medical therapies like acupuncture for curing chronic ailments such as knee problems, nervous problems etc. Some of the chronic ill patients resorted this alternative therapy. In this method the health of the body would be dealt with the trigger points of feet and hands. By stimulating these pressure points all kinds of diseases and disorders would be treated successfully within a short span of time. These acu points are located on meridians along which vital energies flow. It is a holistic approach and is related to nature and metaphysical things which are dealt with the five energies that liven-up in our body which virtually produces body's work force in human beings. In fact acupuncture is an age old practice. It gives pain relieving effect especially for arthritis and for bone pains very effectively. In clinical acupuncture, it requires less time for a session and only few sessions to get relief. "Each acu point relates to specific body organ and function" said Dr Alka. Through right energy flow, we can administer treatment of the disease well," added she. Sterile, single-use needles are used in acupuncture. The needles used in Acupuncture are safe and effective. They are applied in various diseases and disorders. The interesting element is World Health Organization (WHO) also recognised the effective results of acupuncture treatment procedures. "It is a natural science. It is slowly gaining up popularity at a global level. All over the world, nearly 30 per cent are undergoing acupuncture to resolve their health disorders. In countries like the United States nearly 6 per cent of acutely ill people were following this alternative therapy and enjoying good results. This procedure is so effective physically as well as metaphysically. It treats emotional, psychological diseases including insanity etc and makes people fighting fit. And problems like pneumonia are also being treated with acupuncture very effectively" opined she.
"There are five important energies or elements in our body like wind, heat, coldness etc. With the help of those energy forces, we render the body disease-free and can eliminate the imbalance of the five energies in the body with the help of acupuncture treatment procedures. The acupuncture works well on arthritis and slip disc, frozen shoulder, hip dislocation, knee problem, knee replacement problems effectively without simple scar of surgery on any part of the body" explained Dr Alka. "From non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid problem, obesity, heart disease and digestion problems ,chronic diseases, neuro diseases, ortho, gastric and ulcerates, skin and bone problems to children's health problems including geriatric health care, acupuncture would be helpful a lot. Through magnetic, colour and other variety of therapies of acupuncture we can cure ailments of children as well as elders, youth and middle-aged according to their body language. Among children, wind therapy bestows good results in children's health," she said. "It's like miracle. While taking treatment of Acupuncture, you can see tremendous improvement for each and every sitting of it and obtain tremendous feeling of recovery from the disease. It also acts as a bridge between human beings and nature. Especially colour therapy in acupuncture works wonders in controlling many of children's diseases" she opined. The duration of the time for every treatment procedure in Acupuncture takes almost 15 minutes. It relieves pain. It helps in normalisation of internal environment in body. It maintains endocrine balance and cardiovascular and respiratory balance, metabolic balance etc that finally supports the body work normally. It enhances resistance to diseases in our body. It also develops motor activity During the day, certain timings are considered significant for handling few health problems. For eg, day time is considered auspicious for some brain problems. Similarly, 7 am to 9 am is good for handling brain illness. And 9 pm to 11 pm spinal cords problems will be handled potentially. Whereas 11 am to 1 pm is good to deal with heart ailments etc. In children below 12 years, wind force plays key role. Most interesting thing is that the five seasons in nature aree identified with the different stages of life and health of human beings. Hence there is link between nature and status of human body and health which would be dealt by Acupuncture through physically, spiritually and metaphysically as well. In the acupuncture, for any treatment maximum 4 to 10 needles would be used" told Dr. Alka.
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