Do pregnancy tests go wrong?

Do pregnancy tests go wrong?

Pregnancy Tests Wrong, Accuracy Of Home Pregnancy Test, Take a look at some of the factors that rule and contribute to the test results

The market is flooded with various kinds of home pregnancy tests. While most cases they are proven to be effective in providing the results accurately, one has to understand that these are man-made gadgets prone to project flaws at times.

While using a home pregnancy test kit, one must be aware of all the pros and cons. The odds that there will be false positives and negatives cannot be overruled.
wrong pregnancy test
Take a look at some of the factors that rule and contribute to the test results
1.Timing – the pregnancy kits detect the levels of Human Chorionic Gonadotropic (HCG) hormone in the blood to arrive at the results. The HCG hormone is secreted after the egg gets fertilized and this is a sure shot indication of conception. However, the increasing or decreasing levels of this hormone contribute largely to the effectiveness of the results.
2.Test pattern – The way the test is performed also determines to the result. For example, the individual should strictly follow the instructions on the kit while performing the test. Dipping the slide too long with urine or reading too fast before the stipulated time gives wrong results.
3.Expiry dates – Check for the expiry date on the home pregnancy kit before using it. The expired kits are defective and will perform erroneously, giving wrong results.
4.Repercussions of the results – Do not overlook the false positives and the false negatives. The serious outcome of a false negative result that shows that you are pregnant even when you are not could be due to some serious underlying complexities like ectopic pregnancy and an early miscarriage. The false positives that detect you to not be pregnant while you are indicate the effect of other medications used while taking the test. Phenothiazine, anti -convulsants and diuretics can interfere with the way the test works, giving out alarming signals.
5.Rare cases – Check for the rare cases of the test readings where the spike in HCG readings indicate underlying conditions such as tumours in the reproductive tract, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, unexplained nausea and vomiting. These symptoms require immediate medical attention.
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