Riveting Asian Quizzing Championship in city
Riveting Asian Quizzing Championship in city

 Phoenix Arena is organising the ‘Asian Quizzing Championship’ on its premises on December 23 from 10 am onwards. The Asian Quizzing Championships (AQC) started is an annual quiz competition modelled after the World Quizzing Championships, held among regular pub and international level quizzers living in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. 

The Asian Quizzing Championships will take place in three rounds.

  •     Written round
  •     Team discussion
  •     Individual response 
It is recommended that the quiz be done in teams of 4 individuals (though teams with 3 members can also take part). Teams can be formed on spot or before the quiz. 

What:  Quizzing Championship
Where: Phoenix Arena 
When: December 23 from 10am

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