YS Sharmila files complaint on Janasena activists to Hyderabad CP
YS Sharmila files complaint on Janasena activists to Hyderabad CP

YSR Congress Party leaders  under the leadership of Y S Sharmila met Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar on Monday. Brother Anil Kumar, Y V Subba Reddy, Sajjala Gopala Krishna Reddy, Vasireddy Padma and other leaders met him and complained against the persons who are posting objectionable and derogatory comments in Social media and websites against her character by alleging false relation with noted film actor Prabhas.  They requested him to take strong action against them.

After the meeting with CP, Sharmila addressed the media and undoubtedly alleged TDP and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu's hand in making the false allegations on the name of others and assassinating her character.

She said by having moral values, ethics and respect towards women they are not making any allegations against the women family members of Chandrababu Naidu and his party leaders.

She challenged the persons who are assassinating her character to show evidences about her relation with Prabhas. She demanded them to promise on their children before making such derogatory and objectionable comments and posts against her. Promising on het children she clarified that she never met or spoke with Prabhas in her life till now.

She alleged that TDP leaders for their vested political interests started these rumors and allegations against her in 2014 elections and later after her complaint they shut their mouths and false propaganda in Social media and Websites. Now when elections are nearing they again intensified false rumors against her to assassin her character. 

She gave a call to the democratic leaders, women and all people to fight against those who are deminishing the values and respect of women and requested them to teach a lesson to them.

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