Your characteristics by month of birth

Your characteristics by month of birth

Your Personality by Month of Birth, You must have read up on Zodiac sign. A lot of us also read our daily predictions.

You must have read up on Zodiac sign. A lot of us also read our daily predictions. But it is interesting to ponder on the idea that you month of birth can well have something to do with your personality. Check out these fun pointers!
January Baby
If you are woman then you love to dress. In fact, you dress to kill! You take time to bounce back when you are hurt. People may see you as stoic as you are not demonstrative about your emotions.
February Baby
You enjoy abstract thoughts. You are a true romantic and have a host of dreams you hope to realize. You get rebellious when restricted because you are born to be a free soul.
At the first instance, given your stubbornness and shyness, you will never come across as romantic.
March Baby
You are naturally honest, generous, and sympathetic. You love peace and serenity. People will really love your observant nature and compassion.
April baby
You are suave and can be very talkative. You have a positive attitude which is infectious. You are bubbly, outgoing, and always raring to you. You have both looks and brains going for you!
May Baby
You are systematic and hard working. You love arts and literature as you have a vivid imagination. So, you are good balance of left and right-brained thinking. You are an outdoor person who hates to stay home.
June Baby
You can be gregarious and an absolute flirt. You love music and may have a massive record collection.
You love the finer things in life and that shows in the choice of films you choose to watch; your wardrobe; and the music you groove to!
July Baby
You are sociable and love to be with friends. You are an angel till anger gets you. You are never aggressive unless provoked. However, once you lose your temper in a friendship then you can never reconcile.
August Baby
You can be fiery, temperamental, and boisterous. You often live a life full of adventure and make like-minded friends on your journey.
September Baby
You are a good manager and love to motivate others. You love to travel and explore. Sometimes sexy in a way that only your lover can understand.
October Baby
You are an opinionated day dreamer who can’t compromise with your life’s goals and visions. You are brave and fearless. You are set to win many admirers in life.
November Baby
You are trust worthy and loyal. You are beautiful inside out and carry an independent personality. Usually, the greatest men are born in this month.
December Baby
You are hard to understand. However, you will have people making the effort to get to know you because of your empathy.
Professionally, you are competitive and can never be dislodged when you reach numero uno position. Socially, you are funny and humourous – people will look forward to meeting you.
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