Latest home decor trends for vibrant and comfortable spaces

Latest home decor trends for vibrant and comfortable spaces

The New Year is the perfect time to start afresh While you are at it, why not start from your home itself

New Delhi: The New Year is the perfect time to start afresh. While you are at it, why not start from your home itself?

Let your space be a reflection of the vibrant and enigmatic year that is in store for you. Looking for inspiration? Here's a list of what is trending in home decor.

Multifunctional furniture

City life brings with it the ever-present challenge of space constraint. 2019 is expected to be all about smart spacing, making the most of the space available but all in a perfectly designed way. You might want to opt for some uniquely designed home decor that doubles up in the usage they provide. Invest in home decor elements like the sofa cum bed and seating structures that also bring you hidden storage space.

Sustainable fabrics and natural materials

Sustainable fabrics have started to make way, both, into our homes and wardrobes. From furniture lining to cushions to dhurries, sustainable fabrics, people are choosing home decor items that are also environment-friendly.

Coral and pastel

Coral and pastel shades can change the whole look of a room, making it brighter and adding a new dimension to space.

According to Urban Ladder, living Coral has been announced as the colour of the year for 2019.

This vibrant colour has the potential to represent both the regal and dramatic elements in home decor.

Geometric patterns

Geometric elements may have been something that was lost in 2018 but will be seen making a comeback among home decor designs for 2019. Quit the same of subtle trend and make a bold statement in any room with geometric elements.

These will also give your home the right definition. Minimal geometric patterns incorporated while selecting your decor can create an elegant space in the comfort of your home.

Indoor-outdoor switch

Mix up the perfect symmetry in design to create a standout setup. It's time to take a break from the usual sofa sets and dining tables with the usual chairs. Bring in the balcony and outdoor benches inside to be a part of your perfect seating setup.

Incorporate armchairs and dining bench to your home decor and you will be surprised at how they can make your place look.

While latest trends are definitely something you would want to keep in mind, when choosing a piece of furniture, never compromise on your comfort. Let comfort be your priority.

Create your perfect vibrant and comfortable space by selecting the right elements of home decor.

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