My story on people hating stretch marks

My story on people hating stretch marks

Are stretch marks for good There is no certain benchmark so far to define beauty Thats what women nowadays are trying make everyone aware of by sharing their imperfect bodies on social media

Are stretch marks for good? There is no certain benchmark so far to define beauty- Thats what women nowadays are trying make everyone aware of by sharing their 'imperfect' bodies on social media.

Nowadays women across the world are widely open for body positivity. It basically aims to eradicate certain beauty standards.

I have been waiting to post this for 2 days! And finally! One of the best artworks I have EVER made that too for someone who embraced it like a boss!!!! Congratulations love @lauren_dungey on winning @missguided $100MG and this artwork from me! For those who don’t know I have partnered up with @missguided for 3weeks to give you guys a chance to get your stripes glittered up and win $100MG dollars. All you need to do is post a picture of your stretch marks with #makeyourmark and #glitterstretchmarks ! God this feels so right !!!✨💫 I never knew my stretchmarks would someday have a voice of their own!✨💫🌝🌝🌝 . CollageArt SaraShakeel . . #art #stretchmarks #glitterstretchmarks #vision #bodypositive #power #woman #igyearinreview

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Body positive instagrammers came in front of the camera to prove everyone is beautiful under her own skin. They are the proofs that a woman body is just not all about bodies and flawless skins.

No woman feels odd or ugly about the stretch marks these days women are bold enough to flaunt their imperfect bodies on social media- Stretch marks especially. For all of them, who do not know that stretch marks do not only represent the mum's post- pregnancy bodies, even models do have cellulite on their body.

Many women try to hide these beautiful marks on their bodies. at the same time many woman are taking to instagram to show how having imperfections can make you look beautiful.

So I was wondering, how about if we have a BARBIE WITH #stretchmarks ! I mean how easy it would be for our coming generations to accept and love their own selves! If my Daughter ever had it or came across it, feeling ugly, I’ll just get her a Barbie with stretchmarks and tell her how beautiful it is!! I’d say look, Even Barbie has it!!! I was and AM a hardcore fan of Barbie and to have something I can relate to on so many levels would be so comforting I wouldn’t leave out ken on this either! What do you guys say? Should Barbie have stretchmarks? You can be anything , how about a #stretchmarkbarbie . . Just wanted to represent her with my #glitterstretchmarks series . . CollageArt SaraShakeel ft @barbie Barbie borrowed from Linda Mary . . NormalBarbie not the official Barbie was released called Lammily, but the idea faded back in 2014/2016. I think we need her back, with lots of love & that too from @barbie . . #vision #imagine #collage #collageart #artwork #create #creation #happy #embrace #embaraceyourself #body #bodypositivity #positive #new #concept #insecure #brave #letsgetreal #real #reality #girls #instagram #doll #morerolemodels #youcanbeanything

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Women are raising their Voice by posting snaps of their stretch marks and cellulite online as they are rallying against photoshopped images that set unrealistic body expectations among the women.

As a women her body undergoes many changes during pregnancy. you get stretch marks all over your body.your abdomen, your buttocks, your thighs, calfs, all over your breasts its like the marks are like the mapped lines all over your body. few may find them ugly, few may comment on them. but you cannot get that body back. all you got it was for a beautiful reason of giving birth .

It's a beautiful natural thing that you will slowly get used to.. ME.. MY BODY AND MY STRETCH MARKS.

God makes no mistakes ✨ . . After being bombarded with so many dms and request, asking me to upload another #glitterstretchmarks artwork , I just had to do it! This magic with shares of 800 posts started last year in November, with something for my OWNSELF healing , I never knew I’d end up creating ripples with these marks & create another series of #glitterabs with Reebok ! Human mind works in the most oddest ways possible , to brighten up #stretchmarks is not permanent, the glitter washes away but the feeling it gives to your soul stays on forever! ✨ hope you like this one ! . . CollageArt SaraShakeel photographer : @lukasmartin for @cheadsmagazine model : @sick.lilninja #art #love #life #vision #create #lovemyjob #happy #hope #bodyempowerment #bodylove #imagine #imagination #create #scars

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Today's world is afflicted with stretch marks , But every frightening story needs a formidable boogeman, and for the story of skin, the big, bad monster is the stretch mark, A pimple has a shelf line, wrinkles appear later in life, but stretch marks- those cankerous streams of broken elastin that pucker plots of flesh- arrive early and stay forever. And oh, they're really ugly.At least thats what we've been told.

But it should'nt be that way. A stretch mark is one of life's most common conditions studies estimate that up to 90 percent of pregnat women, 70 percent of adolescent girls, and 40 percent of adolescent males will develop the marks.

So ubiquitotous are stretch marks to the human experience that you're more likely to run into someone who has them than you are to encounter a coffee drinker. For especially, stretch marks overwhelmingly appear at times that emphasize femininity wake- puberty and pregnancy. It is the one maker of femininity, perhaps, that escapes the gaze of sociality constructed norms.

It's funny then, that something so natural and measured against any other standard, so inconsequential, could strike such a bold spark in the constellation of skin anxieties. History tells us that many of the skin conditions that are vilifies today once illuminated unforeseen health quandaries in more primitive times.

Dull skin, for example could lay the signs of internal organ failure; inexplicable rashes, on the other hand, might plot to an infection. There's no beacon in history that clarifies why stretch marks earned their inauspicious reputation. Like any socially driven stigma that's both feckless and irrational, the denouncemnet of stretchmarks began long ago, and naturally, it was directed at woman.

There's no need to bury your nose in verse to encounter the global terror of stretch marks in current times. A GOOGLE search churns over 11 million results. The vast majority hammer on chords of fanatical self hate- a compounding legacy of a narrative stacked over a couple of millennia. how to get rid of stretch marks and similiar derivatives draw top SEO rankings on Google's main page.

And yet, in sharp contrast to the frezied tenor embodied in these Google results, stretch marks remain virtually invisible within the images we consume the most.
Stretch marks are an internal event, rendering topical solutions utterly useless. They form when collagen, the support system for skin, wears thin.

This happens during periods of rapid growth such as puberty or weight gain ( pregnancy, for example) The resulting fissures are scars that lay underneath the lower
layer of the dermis. Because the root of stretch marks are buried beneath skin, only a laser can etch a noticeable difference in treatment.

Thank you everyone for the #glitterstretchmarks response and the numerous features of my artwork! The past few days have been unreal! Good and bad, but tbh I shall always look at the good side because nothing is more powerful then giving confidence to myself along with so many women and men out there! My hopes are unreal and so are my dreams! The stretch marks story will continue and I have so many other ideas and plans in mind. The artwork that I have made out of you are real! These picture that you see are REAL of REAL women with stretchmarks! Thank you for making #glitterstretchmarks a part of your lives. I love you all from the core of my fluffy heart. . CollageArt.SaraShakeel Photography @facesbycela . The next week I'll be super busy with my upcoming exhibition & an interview in my home country , my apologies if i don't post alot in the coming week. ☄☄☄ . . #love #loveyourself #lovemyjob #patientlywaiting #patience #hope #daydreaming #art #artwork #collage #glitter #theweekoninstagram #whereicomefrom

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There are multiple lasers on the market today that, when administered by a physician, can address the individual needs of different skin tones (until recently, most lasers would severely damage, or prove ineffective for darker skin colors). The process requires multiple, painful sessions, and even then might only deliver a marginal improvement.

But if a stretch mark is the written code on your body documenting moments of growth and maturation, WHY ERASE IT?? Besides , a thing could'nt possibly be that ugly if it's been a part of us all along.

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