Chandrababu Naidu says BJP has compromised on nation's security by indulging in Rafale scam. Do you agree?

Chandrababu Naidu says BJP has compromised on nation

Majority of people whom The Hans India spoke to opined that theBJPled NDA government did not compromise on the nations security

Majority of people whom The Hans India spoke to opined that the BJP-led NDA government did not compromise on the nation’s security.

They pointed out that Chandrababu Naidu’s comments against the BJP were politically motivated. They also said that the transactions pertaining to the Rafale jets deal began during the earlier UPA regime.

The people however stressed the need for the NDA government to place the facts pertaining to the Rafale deal before the people. They said it is the responsibility of any government ruling at the Centre to protect the nation’s security

The statement that BJP has compro-mised the Nation’s security may not be correct as alleged by Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. However, all the opposition parties like the Congress, the Left and local parties maintain that the BJP-led NDA government was involved in Rafale scam may be correct which is yet to be proved. - Vadithya Sankar Naik, founder and president, Girijana Praja Samakhya, Vijayawada

The Centre has to divulge all details to the Supreme Court, but it is not providing on the pretext of national security. This is giving rise to suspicions on the alleged scam and I feel there may be role of some elements of the government in the affair. Though TDP accusations are political but the Centre should reveal the facts. - C Venkateswarlu, student, Nellore

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu’s comment against BJP government at the Centre regarding Rafale scam is nothing but targeting the party. After relations strained with the BJP, he is constantly making adverse comments against BJP and PM Narendra Modi. After CBI raids in the state on TDP leaders’ assets, Chandrababu accelerated his fight against BJP. Nobody is serious about the politically motivated criticism. - T Srinivasa Rao, private employee, Srikakulam

Though widespread resentment is witnessed at national level over the alleged Rafale scam, CM Naidu added the fuel. BJP has failed to prove its integrity on national security . It has to face serious consequences in the next elections if it fails to prove its innocence with regard o the allegation. - T Nagaraj, compounder, Chittoor

How can we conclude that the BJP compromised nation’s security? The opposition party Congress is alleging that the Modi government procured the Rafale jets at a high cost and there is no criticism on the merits of the planes. One should remember that the procurement process began during UPA rule and continued by the BJP-led NDA. - Suresh Kumar, businessman, Visakhapatnam

No. I will not agree that the BJP has compromised nation’s security in Rafale jet deal. The dispute is on the cost of the planes, not on its merits. Whichever party is at the Centre, it should protect the country and needs to augment the weapons and equipment on par with developed countries. - Ramana Raju Poosapati, railway employee, Visakhapatnam

The Union government is going to pay a price for the scam. The Supreme Court judgment will give a clear picture on the multi-crore scam, which, as the Chief Minister alleged, has endangered the national security. - A Vinay Kumar, mechanic, Nellore

We suspect integrity of the Union government as they were not giving proper information on the Rafale deal. They neglected security of the nation. Hence, Chandrababu’s charge correct. - G Mohana Krishna, private teacher, Nellore

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu’s remark against BJP regarding Rafale scam is only political comment. Earlier, the same Chandrababu supported BJP on all aspects, now he takes U-turn and is flaying the BJP government at the Centre on all issues. People of AP are well aware about the political ties and they don’t give much importance to these comments. - T Praveen, M Tech student, Srikakulam

Chandrababu Naidu’s statement that BJP has compromised national security with its policies, particularly, Rafale jets deal, is correct. Though AICC chief Rahul Gandhi claims a huge scam in it BJP seems to be very reluctant to answer on the scam. - P Mani, engineer, Chittoor

The Chief Minister might have used the opportunity to attack BJP with the alleged Rafale scam which has been the recurrent tune of Rahul Gandhi. Unless it is proved , I don’t want to subscribe to the view that BJP has sacrificed national security. - K Balaji, municipal contractor, Chittoor

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