Stunt’ed growth!

Stunt’ed growth!

Even in the past we have seen photographs published under the caption Dangerous Stunt Pg 12, THI 25 Jan The young boy seems to be celebrating Indias...

Even in the past we have seen photographs published under the caption "Dangerous Stunt" ( Pg 12, THI 25 Jan). The young boy seems to be celebrating India's Republic when we adopted the Constitution which gives every Indian "liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship". The young boy has only added action to his liberty.

It looks the boy's parents might have laid a strong foundation which normally happens when parents drop them to school taking them in wrong side, jumping signal etc. The young boy has only taken it forward by performing stunt. But who cares, after all traffic police can only catch those who stop them to challan or leave them after taking money. Of late we see policemen clicking photos of those who do not wear helmet.

No doubt for our safety and those sitting behind them, but why traffic police do not take strict action against over loaded trucks carrying iron rods, lorries and JCBs parked at all vacant place near roads, seven seaters and auto drivers stopping where they like and many other traffic offenders.

Though city roads are in worst condition (not those one near the residence of KCR, KTR and other VIPs) which cannot take the speed of more than 30-40 kms, for own safety let us wear helmet and for god’s sake may appeal to parents do not teach them to break traffic rules from very young age as they would any way learn when they turn adults and this is my Republic Day Message to all.

N Nagarajan, Hyderabad

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