Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

While appointments to the party cadre  by its President  are  internal matters, it is  interesting to state here that Ghulam Nabi Azad after being pulled out of his being I/C of Eastern UP,  to make way for Priyanka Gandhi (and given a much lesser important post as I/C Congress' Haryana),  to save his face and put up a brave  front has gone on record  saying that  Priyanka Gandhi  is a trump card for the Congress party. If that is his contention, then why was the party wasting its time with a joker?  By making such a statement, Ghulam Nabi Azad has admitted the failure of Rahul Gandhi.

As pointed out by Shahnaz Poonawala, who was earlier the Head of Youth Congress party of Maharashtra (since resigned from Congress), the so called "election" of Rahul Gandhi was rigged by his sycophants. He could not have been made the President of Congress if he was not born in the Gandhi family as he has no special qualifications and there were many others  (outside Gandhi family ) who had better qualifications and experience to serve as the President of Congress. 

Dr R V Reddy, Secunderabad

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