Time to give AP SCS

Time to give AP SCS

That the promise of according Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh by the centre remains elusive even four years after it being assured in the parliament by the prime minister is against federal spirit. The present dispensation, despite its formal accordance to it, has started saying it as not feasible. The ruling party in state had not objected to centre's change of stance till recently but now changed its mind and started asking for it again. 

That a serious issue being turned a political weapon and the implementation of an official commitment being gone back to square one is the real tragedy. The Centre has the responsibility to implement the AP Reorganisation act in letter and spirit. 

 - Dr D V G Sankararao, Nellimarla

AP CM is answerable to Centre

The people of Andhra Pradesh are in disarray as to whom to believe and who not to.  It is very difficult to understand the strategy applied by its CM Mr Chandrababu Naidu in fighting with the Centre for getting SCS at this crucial hour where Parliament elections are not far off. It is pertinent to note that BJP has got no hopes of getting plenty of seats in the forthcoming Parliament elections in Andhra Pradesh in the present situation.  

As such whether the hope of fulfilling the AP demand of sanctioning Special Category Status captained by its CM Mr Naidu by yielding to the pressure put forth  by all opposition parties?  

Hence it is deemed that Mr Chandrababu Naidu  is making foundation for the future elections in AP by getting people's sympathy. But one is to understand that no state can develop on its own and without the support of the centre. History tells us this. The point to be clarified here between the centre and the state is regarding the financial support extended by Centre as stated by PM  and and other BJP leaders.  

Demanding an utilisation certificate for the usage of funds in lakhs of crores of rupees by the centre is not wrong.  After all when any subsidised loan is sanctioned the government is asking the banks to send an UC for some thousands of rupees sanctioned as subsidy what is wrong in asking an UC by the centre? Let them sit around and sort this issue and give clarity to people of Andhra Pradesh and remove the confusion in their mind.

 - TSN Rao, Bhimavaram

Naidu-Modi election warfare is on

The war of words between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu have begun in view of the forthcoming elections. It all started when PM Modi made distance himself from his own statement given earlier to C.M. Naidu that he will grant special status to his State at the time of bifurcation of the A.P.  His recent remarks that he (Naidu) failed to utilised the funds that was granted by the central government to A.P. has only instigated Mr. Naidu to open up his mouth at the right time. 

However, the statement of C.M. Naidu while referring former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's statement asking Modi to follow "raj dharma" that was failed in the Gujarat during 2002 riots, has simply shown a mirror to PM Modi to see the facts of his deeds when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat.

 - Syed Amjad Ali, Secunderabad.

Make Rayalaseema third Telugu state

TDP, YSRCP and Congress leaders in the Rayalaseema region should propose a third Telugu state naming Rayalaseema state to protect the interests of Rayalaseema people.

After Andhra and Telangana, it will be good to see if Rayalaseema state is separated because smaller states are easier to develop. The main reason to separate Rayalaseema state is to develop the region on par with Telangana and Andhra. 

In the same manner Rayalaseema state should be separated from Andhra state. The holy place Tirupati should be named as capital of Rayalaseema state. 

The Rayalaseema state and its people will have more importance once the state is separated from Andhra Pradesh state. Central government should see that the Rayalaseema state is separated from AP state as soon as possible without fail to recognise and establish the interests of the Rayalaseema people. Rayalaseema region that is to be formed into a new third Telugu state have its own great credits with its ancient culture. 

 - V Bhagirath Kumar, Hyderabad

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