Shun both BJP, TDP in AP

Shun both BJP, TDP in AP

The Dharma Porata Deeksha of Black Naidu on Feb 11 was a show that didn't impress anyone. The heart of the matter is that BJP & TDP combo, Congress and YSR Congress were main contenders in 2014. People voted in majority for BJP-TDP combo in centre and state.

Both BJP- TDP are answerable to people for the present crisis. They can't and should not blame each other to disown the responsibility. Both the parties do not deserve sympathy. Both are escaping from accountability.

KVP Ramachandra Rao relentlessly pursued SCS to AP, he moved private bill, demonstrated placards and spoke in RS when TDP RS member was a Minister. People of Andhra Pradesh should keep BJP-TDP away in future. 

G Sivaramakrishna, Hyderabad

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