All is well that ends well

All is well that ends well

The last session of Sixteenth Lok Sabha has concluded on a congenial note among rival parties The tenure of present Lok Sabha will be remembered for...

The last session of Sixteenth Lok Sabha has concluded on a congenial note among rival parties. The tenure of present Lok Sabha will be remembered for its own characteristics. Though it has more number of woman parliamentarians, it has been silent on women's reservation bill. After three decades a party with complete majority could form the government. No party,including the grand Old Party could get enough numbers to be treated as the leader of opposition in the House.

The performance in legal work, sittings and members' attendance is better than previous one. The suspension of some members and the resignation of some other on various grounds are bitter things to be remembered. Though the prime minister had expressed his complete reverence to the institution by bowing his head to the steps when he entered first time in the edifice, he could not continue same spirit.

He kept mum on some important issues and he chose to declare some major decisions outside of the House that needed the confidence of the House. Rahul Gandhi seems to be evolving as a matured parliamentarian from someone who mocks the leader of the House with winks and hugs to someone who fights seriously and steadily on Rafale deal. On many counts, the present Lok Sabha is remarkable.

- Dr D V G Sankararao, Nellimarla

Now for the 17th Lok Sabha !

Euphoria, excitement and expectations marked the beginning of 16th Lok Sabha as Modi took over the reins of the nation. In contrast, despair, disappointment and dejection were evident on the last day of the house marked by a lacklustre speech by PM. At the beginning of his tenure the PM bowed down to the Parliament at the entrance.

No such sentimental nostalgia is seen on the last day. During its tenure the house witnessed increased acrimony and bitterness. The house witnessed government bulldozing its way on many occasions instead of carrying others along with it. There were no enlightening debates or inspiring speeches.

On the other hand, there was lot of heckling, howling, shouting and counter shouting. Stalwarts like Advani rarely opened their mouths. Though the house had higher female representation, there was not much impact on issues concerning women. The Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman was caught on the wrong foot on more than one occasion.

She was charged by the opposition for misleading the house. It is evident that Rahul Gandhi who was lightly brushed off as Pappu earlier had come to haunt Modi even in dreams. He couldn’t but help chanting his name in his farewell address too referring to his wink and hug.

The Rafale deal had rocked the house but the government remained adamant in not heeding for a JPC probe. This had resulted in more damage to the government leaving an impression that there is something fishy and government is desperately trying to shield it. Modi had clearly failed in providing a transparent and responsive government. Let’s hope that we will see more of educated, enlightened and learned people in the new parliament. Sad that the 16th Lok Sabha had not distinguished itself in any aspect much against the expectations.

- Vinay Bhushan Bhagawaty, Hyderabad

Citizenship Bill is now history

The contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 died a natural death after the NDA government chose not to place it in Rajya Sabha for discussion and passage. It may be noted that the bill is set to lapse on June 3, when the term of the present Lok Sabha ends as it could not be passed in Rajya Sabha that adjourned sine die. With the bill having not been passed, the North Eastern states stand to gain and have reasons to be jubilant since many persecuted and many living in the Indian soil for long have their hopes of getting Indian Citizenship have become stronger.

Since the Congress too is vehemently opposing the Bill, there is much expectation that the Citizenship Bill will not be passed or even taken up for discussion if the Congress is voted to power. The BJP with the inherent hurry of going ahead of passing the Bill, has not been able to see the writing on the wall. The BJP is theoretically correct but practically a lot of problems and questions remain unaddressed even if the bill is passed. This is where the BJP is accused of going myopic. Anyway, the Bill is never expected to return as it has already met its end.

- T K Nandanan, Kochi

Oppn parties still potent

In the see saw battle over Rafale, the government for all practical purposes, seems to have won the battle hands-down, with the help of CAG. But the Rahul led opposition appears to be undaunted, unperturbed but confidently gearing up for the war. In this regard, it is much better for the temporarily rattled Opposition, to " lose the battle, and win the war, than winning a battle and losing the war ".

- P H Hema Sagar, Secunderabad

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