Moms to discourage kids from playing outdoor games

Moms to discourage kids from playing outdoor games

Moms To Discourage Kids From Playing Outdoor Games

London: Lazy mothers, who are discouraging kids from playing outside because it is easier to look after them inside, are to be blamed for a new generation of "cotton wool kids", a study has revealed.

Children spend fewer than three hours a week having fun outside while climbing trees, riding bikes and camping and spend most of their time by playing computer games and being glued to the television, the Daily Express reported.

According to the research, three out of five mothers admitted that they prefer to keep their youngsters indoors.
The Persil survey of 1,000 British women with children aged seven to 12 found that 82 per cent of the kids spend their time in front of the TV.

The trend shows that many parents are even reluctant to let their offspring take part in activities they enjoyed when they were younger.

Although 57 per cent of their parents were members, only 16 per cent of today's children sign up.

It was found that more than one-fourth of mothers said they probably would not let their kids climb a tree, while a third would be concerned if their children did.

Around 50 per cent of them admitted that they would be unlikely to let their offsprings go on a cycle ride with friends or camp in the garden.

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