Right way to save your plants

Right way to save your plants

Right Way To Save Your Plants. The mercury levels are soaring by the day. Is your landscape ready to face the sweltering heat? An extremely dry summer...

The mercury levels are soaring by the day. Is your landscape ready to face the sweltering heat? An extremely dry summer can be hard on your plants and their roots. Before it takes a real toll on your garden, shield them and be their staunch protector.

Summer may affect greens, resulting in plants drying up. The best way to know what type of precautionary measure you should take for plants is by knowing their individual needs. The more you know the better off your plants will be. One of the best and most effective things you can do is to protect plants from heat and drought is to mulch (a layer of soil applied to retain the moisture) around them. That might not seem like a real news flash; but what most people don't realise is that high temperatures kill roots.

While this season is not the ideal time to plant as many suggests, there are some simple techniques that can help plants. Water is plant's best friend during the blazing heat of summer. It is time to evaluate what type of system will preserve your plants. Is it as efficient as it could be?

Marcel Nicholas, a core member of Nature’s Army Organisation says, “In winters you don't need a lot of supplemental irrigation but when the temperature begins to climb and rain is not on the horizon, understanding soil will be getting a lot more use. You want to make sure the water penetrates through the mulch layer and can reach the roots”.

“If watering and mulching are not doing enough to keep your plants cool enough to continue producing, consider shading the plants. Some temporary shade will help protect seedlings until they settle in”, he adds.

Monica Rachel Mackness, a green collar worker, says, “The best method to keep the moisture of plants during summer is to choose the right soil. So, either you can opt for red soil or black soil, which is rich in nutrients and helps the plant giving the right nourishment.”

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