Beautiful, luxe spaces

Beautiful, luxe spaces

Bathrooms have come a long way from the utilitarian and functional rooms that they used to be decades ago. They have now transformed to the ultimate...

Bathrooms have come a long way from the utilitarian and functional rooms that they used to be decades ago. They have now transformed to the ultimate in luxury. There is a mushrooming of luxurious bathroom styles that believe in splurging money to create drama and perhaps throw in functionality for good measure.

Over the years, the bathroom has transformed from a utilitarian space to a haven in the home, a place to relax and recharge with water experiences that soothe and excite the senses. Today, more than ever before, choices in bathroom tiles and fittings are mind-boggling! No wonder homeowners with remodel plans are looking to blend spa-like amenities with their unique visions of comfort and style in the bathroom.

On the other hand an ideal bathroom at home may not have a spa, a luxurious Jacuzzi or a whirlpool but is still a place that soothes one's eyes and mind at once and make the person feel comfortable. It is efficient and beautiful at the same time and should be able to make the day go well for you. Planning and designing a new bathroom or remodeling the one that is already existing needs a careful execution to minimise spending more than your budget, a very real pitfall that can and does occur.

To modernise an old bathroom, you may want to keep some of the existing features or items, recycle some of the items plus add other items available very inexpensively at home stores at sales and research the options available to you before buying expensive items. Architectural drafting with detailed drawings and some of the computer applications can help you to visualise the features and design the elements that you desire in your finished bathroom.

People are really enjoying their homes these days. Even though they spend a lot of time at work, when they are home, they want to feel like they’re walking into something amazing. Savvy homeowners are taking notes on products and features that strike their fancy, making every detail a potential item for the bathroom wish list. People who travel a lot are seeing these elegant bathrooms in Five Star Hotels and it is no surprise that they want to bring that experience home.

If you thought that fancy lights and even crystal chandeliers were only meant to be used for living rooms, think again. Contemporary luxurious bathrooms use chandeliers to very good effect. Then there are wide ranges of luxurious bathroom cabinet designs that, despite being overpriced, are the kind you just have to take home. Appealing, hypnotic, and beautiful, these fittings are perfect examples of expensive buys. Not far behind these beauties, are the many range of luxurious bathroom furniture.

From hand painted, to imported Malaysian wood, to Indonesian carved wood, you are now simply spoilt for choice. These are fantastic additions to any bathroom and stand out from the regular bathroom furniture not only because they have a huge price tag, but also because of the level of workmanship quality and design.

There are also ‘ready to assemble’ luxurious bathroom furniture and luxurious bathroom cabinets which do not cost the earth. Luxury is about more than just style; it's also about value. These are delivered to your home in boxes and can be assembled either by you or your local carpenter. From storage cabinets to vanities, you can just about get whatever your heart desires. Sinks in coloured glass are a huge hit with many homeowners. These glass pieces add elegance and style to your luxurious bathroom in an understated manner.

Tiles, showers and taps can make or break a bathroom. Potted plants can be added in corners for a green look. Many rich homeowners want luxurious sauna bathrooms or hot tubs to soak away their day’s rigors and relax. And rightly so, after all what’s the point of spending so much on a luxury bathroom if it doesn’t help you wind down and just relax and rejuvenate. These opulent luxurious bathrooms have every accessory that a spa has from massage shower heads with temperature control, water pressure control to luxurious shower enclosures.

Traditional materials are being combined with newer options. People are using unusual combinations of stone and tile – and they’re using them as an art form. Today, homeowners are making their bathroom as nice a living space as the rest of their home – if not better.

By: Beyniaz Edulji

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