Our Body Speaks Through Symptoms

Our Body Speaks Through Symptoms

How does your body speak to you Through symptoms When something isnt quite right, the body causes pain to claim your attention When you have had a...

How does your body speak to you? Through symptoms. When something isn’t quite right, the body causes pain to claim your attention. When you have had a long day, your body aches to tell you that it needs rest. When you get hurt that results in tissue damage in a specific area, a signal is sent to the brain to generate pain, so you notice and start taking care.

When your eyes ache after a long stint on the computer, mobile or television, they are telling you to give them a break! If your tummy aches, the digestive system is screaming for nutrition and rest.

Pain also stems from emotional causes. When you feel life is a burden, your shoulders ache. When you keep criticising yourself, you end up with a headache. Back pain could be a result of not being understood or feeling financially unstable. Migraines occur when you feels constantly pressured by someone.

Whatever the reason, we need to learn to listen to our bodies and work on the cause of the pain simply because the sensation is unnatural.

Check out some tips to manage your pain….

Avoid painkillers
They only calm the symptoms temporarily; the root cause still lingers. Plus, pain killers are a cocktail of chemicals and can even cause severe side-effects in certain cases.

When we eat according to the way nature has designed us to eat, we do not experience pain. Nature wants us to eat fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables. Instead, we end up having packaged foods with chemicals, meat, dairy, and grains that have the potential to trigger pain.

Vitamin D
Lack of Vitamin D is a sure-shot claim to pain. Get yourself tested and take a supplement, if necessary.

Yes, exercise actually helps ease pain in many cases as it boosts blood circulation and builds strength and flexibility over time. Exercise is actually a medicine.

Be Happy
Problems are a part of life. Nature keeps giving us challenges – solve them! Why cry? When we feel someone is a pain in the neck, stay away or analyse why.

Invest in Louise Hay's Mind-Body Connection book
This amazing book provides the connection with all our physical manifestations to inner issues. The solutions are also given as affirmations that truly work.

Be aware of your actions
Your posture, the number of hours you sit, wearing high heels, lifting heavy objects, obesity are all factors that contribute to causing pain in our body.

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