Live your resonance

Live your resonance

A lot goes into this mind and heart to feel the way it feels To understand our own mechanism of happiness and positivity it is important to know about...

A lot goes into this mind and heart to feel the way it feels. To understand our own mechanism of happiness and positivity it is important to know about a simple principle of resonance in life. When we feel a particular way within our heart and mind there is a reason. The reason is our resonance. This reason is not only vital from the perspective of our own feeling but the way it is impacted almost every time from the resonance of others too. Let’s understand this:

What is Resonance?
Resonance is precisely the frequency at which your mind and heart functions and generates a feeling. It is that energy which surrounds a person to make him feel an emotion and this energy particularly enables a person to feel good or bad or cheerful or calm or poised.

How does it impact the life of a person?
If a person’s resonance is constant or on the positive side, he would be a happier and more peaceful person in life. If the resonance of a person only enables him to find the things which bother him or make him feel great in wrong things like someone losing something, there is a possibility that the impact of this negative resonance will be higher in that person.

What is the essence to live a highly resonated life?
A highly resonating person has such a strong impact sometimes that he changes the aura of another person. If this is positive then he can influence the most negative environment and turn it to positive, bring the goodness; bring the smiles. A person who lives a highly resonated positive life he not only impacts his living but the living of all around him.

How can we improve our resonance?
We can improve our resonance by giving good food to our thoughts and be with people who add our enhanced and positive feelings. Those people with whom we feel drained are definitely not resonating with our aura and it is wise to avoid them or have minimum interaction with them. If the life is meant to be lived best, utilise the time optimally by making the most of it and be with people who add to your positive energy and productivity and in turn who impact positive additions; by that thereby you save your resonance and impact others who need your positive resonance to lift them up. It is important to resonate with your levels. Maintaining the resonance of yours and impacting others rather than you are getting impacted by others is the true way of living your resonance.
So, from now –

“Be aware to work on your resonance and be conscious to improve your resonance every moment for living an enhanced life.”

Shachi Maheshwari - The writer is motivational and transformation trainer, life coach and author

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