Sleep well, stay fit

Sleep well, stay fit

Like nutrition and exercise, sleep is a fundamental pillar to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle It has an impact on everything we do, and a...

Like nutrition and exercise, sleep is a fundamental pillar to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It has an impact on everything we do, and a lack of rest leaves us emotionally drained and in a tired state physically.

The physical manifestation of sleep disorders can occur in many forms. From physical discomfort to frequent mood swings, falling appetite and reduced concentration, a person suffering from a lack of rest can be affected by a variety of conditions. Listed below are a set of reasons which have been identified as key reasons for prolonged discomfiture even after ample rest.

Wrong sleeping posture: A correct sleeping posture is necessary to ensure that no nerves are pinched, or muscles damaged due to excessive pressure on one side. For instance, one should never put too much pressure on one’s shoulder joint, also known as ball-and-socket joint, as there is a risk of nerve entrapment. We should always wear light clothes to bed and focus on making ourselves comfortable.

Noisy sleeping conditions: A creaking fan, noisy neighbours or a blaring TV can cause an immense disturbance, even when you are not aware of it. Such external noises disrupt the circadian rhythm cycles that can prevent the body from achieving complete relaxation, thereby causing pain in different parts of the body. Soothing ambient music works best to induce a perfect night of rest. In fact, the Philips report further states that soothing music is the most preferred way to improve sleep for Indians, with 41 per cent, respondents choosing to listen to their favourite songs while falling asleep.

Uncomfortable/damaged mattress: A mattress needs to be changed after every 7-10 years as the core material degenerate and can become tattered or bunched up in places making it lose its uniformity and the ability to support the body effectively. This can create extreme sleeping difficulties for a person by acting against the body’s natural downward movement. Many people have reported developing ailments such as sciatica or fibromyalgia due to a damaged mattress.

Existing ailments: A patient suffering from disorders such as arthritis, osteoporosis, etc are more at risk of developing acute pain after sleeping. For patients suffering from muscular spasms or other ailments, it is important to keep pain-relieving medicines by the bed-side and apply topical medicines or ointments as suggested by doctors.

Shift-work-sleep disorder: Varying work hours, completing high-pressure assignments and projects in bed or worrying about deadlines, all these factors play an important role in robbing you of your hard-earned sleep. Worrying has been identified as the top offender of disrupted sleep globally, with 58 per cent people stating that impending financial woes or economic issues have resulted in disrupted sleep and physical disorders in the recent past.

- Ankit Garg, Co-founder & CEO,

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