Fashion is full of action

Fashion is full of action

Fashion show Twinning is a onestopdestination for all things fashion fashion that is relatable, easy to follow and cool to twin with From the latest...

Fashion show ‘Twinning’ is a one-stop-destination for all things fashion – fashion that is relatable, easy to follow and cool to twin with. From the latest hits and misses to DIY styles, ‘Twinning’ is a double dose on fashion that decodes each style element and spins it in the most wearable way.

The series is hosted by two of India’s most sought-after, young fashion trendsetters, Gabriella Demetriades and Erika Packard. While Gabriella has her own fashion label that is glamorous and edgy, Erika, on the other hand, is a fashion model with a more casual style and demeanour. Together, they will take India by storm giving viewers different looks and fashion tips stemming from their unique sensibilities and individual style.

Excerpts from an interview

‘Twinning’ is essentially a fashion programme, so what new are you bringing to the table in the currently exhausted market?
Erika: The show is not only about like what trend is in and what everyone is wearing. It’s more about talking how women of different sizes and shapes can style themselves with the same kind of fashion like as we talk about denim, what denims would suit a girl like me with big hips, what denims would make you feel comfortable and still let you accentuate your body. Colours that will work for your skin colour - dusky, fair we can wear all colours, but we’ll also tell about the balance- lighter pink or a darker pink; what would brighten your face, what would make you look slimmer, what would accentuate your assets. If a girl has a smaller upper body, what colour would make it pop and make it go evenly with her whole body!

Gabriella: I think both of our perspectives are very different, so having a show that sort of shows that contrast of two very different perspectives and not only that the entire basis of the show is what you can do with one concept, two ways. I think that’s what hasn’t been done before, where it gives you these two insights from two very different individuals that you can take back and use for yourself.

AXN has always touted itself as an action channel so how do fashion and action go hand in hand?
Erika: If you’re behind a fashion show, backstage, you’ll know that it is full of action. I feel that it works perfectly with the channel.

Gabriella: It’s all action in fact. It’s interesting that they have delved into the fashion space, but I think that you know it definitely can go hand in hand.

What can the non-fashionista audience expect from the show?
Erika: I feel that everyone has a little bit of fashion in them, I feel every person likes to wear something new or something trending or something that makes them feel good about themselves right, let it even be somebody, like as I said, when I give clothes to the poor also it makes them so happy. It’s not that they don’t like to wear it, they like to. I feel that we are catering to all kinds of audience just to enjoy and feel that “Acha mei bhi yeh pehan sakti hu” and you know they are not all high-end brands that we are showing if you see the show. It’s also like affordable fashion, we are doing Indian fusion, we are doing lehengas, we’re doing brides, and we are playing around with them like the modern girl.

Gabriella: A lot actually, because it’s not like it’s not a very high-level fashion, in terms of the content, it’s not about the luxury fashion or you know like high editorial fashion. It’s about every day fashion, about what you would wear every day. We focus a lot on different body types, on different career types- like what you’d wear to an office job vis a vis you know, a freelancer. I think it can really help a lot of people because it touches on sort of everyone and it’s very approachable, it’s very relatable.

How much is fashion important in an individual’s life?
Erika: For me, fashion or dressing up is your personality, like what you wore, this is your work clothes I’m sure, but this is you at work, this is your personality at work. When you go out and what you dress is you. I feel dressing up and fashion is an expression of your personality shining through, it’s simple.

Gabriella:I think that you can have a lot of fun with it and you can make every day dressing so much more exciting and you know really lift your mood if you’re having a bad day, by putting on a really great outfit. So, I think in that way it’s really important for people. Is it the most important thing in the world? No, but yes, it’s very important for me.

- ‘Twinning’ airs every Sunday at 9 pm on AXN.

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