Mother-daughter dynamics on screen
Mother-daughter dynamics on screen

From the good to the bad to the downright sad, mother-daughter relationships on the big screen are never without drama—which is why they're so fun to watch, especially alongside your own queen bee. Realistically, not all mother-daughter relationships are all coffee and shopping and that’s exactly what ‘Lady Bird’ movie has proved. Here is a rundown of some of the best unconventional, comical, dysfunctional, complicated yet real and loving mother/daughter dynamics on screen.

Lady Bird
Showing the ‘nurturing, mothering side’ in all its complexity is what actor-turned-director Greta Gerwig does in her solo directorial debut ‘Lady Bird’. The movie examines the turbulent life of a discontented, independent teenager and her struggle to find herself. The chemistry between Laurie Metcalf who plays the mother and Saoirse Ronan who plays the daughter is palpable as they throw deeply hurtful words at each other, but the beautiful part of their relationship is their ability to make up instantly over the little things. The mother-daughter bond in Lady Bird is too real. You can watch the Indian television premiere of Lady Bird on January 13 at 1 pm on Sony PIX.

Freaky Friday:
An overworked mother (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her daughter (Lindsay Lohan) do not get along. What could unite mother and daughter more than to switch bodies? ‘Freaky Friday’ manages to capture the whole relationship perfectly, both the happy and the frustrating moments. There are a lot of things that make your eyes stay glued to the screen: the chemistry between Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis, the ups and downs of this kind of relationship and the inevitable awkward/funny moments that come from having to date your mom’s new fling or returning to school.

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