Let universe find a way for us

Let universe find a way for us

We all as human beings have lived always our life with an understanding of handling things the way they appear to us We always respond to things by...

We all as human beings have lived always our life with an understanding of handling things the way they appear to us. We always respond to things by perceiving that whatever has come in front of us and the way we have understood, is the only way to handle it.

For those who believe in perfection actually being struck by the thought that the way they handle is one most perfect way to handle things through them. It is also a strong belief which they lay on their ability and agility to handle such things as per their past experience on the same.

The rarest opportunities come in our way and we sometimes cannot accept them because we believed in something different; while the universe was helping us to resolve so many other things with this opportunity. Our belief systems are the only driving force for every motion, emotion or immobility in our life.

When we are at the crossroads of a decision making or are stuck with a thought which is creating a lot of suffering within us, the best way to absorb the moment is to give ourselves just one strong breath of allowing.

What does that mean?

Amidst so much of commotion, if we just drop that thing and believe that this dropping will allow dissipating the whole mob of thought and action gamut, how wonderful and relaxing it would be. Allowing a breath means to believe in this universe to resolve something for us of that moment.

We do apply this but only when there is a similar situation like- “We have done our best let’s pray for the rest”. This particular thought was not just meant to be used at the hospitals but everywhere in life. We just allow the universe to find a way for us and unfold our next step by the next event in line.

Sometimes even without this situation suddenly the smoke of commotion clears, and things become simpler just about in few seconds and we realise there is no need to think on that matter further. A simple understanding of the universal energy is that every moment the universe is working for us:

Whether we know or not
Whether we believe in it or not
Whether we like it or not
Whether we demand from it or not
Whether we are alive or not
Whether we understand that or not

Isn’t it an amazing feeling that someone is constantly working to make our lives so completely supported and sorted every moment? Then why do we carry the entire burden on ourselves all the time? If we are sitting on the train, we don’t carry our luggage on our head while sitting because we know that the train is going to carry us as well as our luggage both.

Exactly, once we are aware of this fact, the responsibility of the journey completion lies on the train and its driver rather than on us. Only if it stops, we will have to think what to do after that.

When we are on the train called ‘UNIVERSE’, why not be aware that it is simplifying our life every moment. Also, sometimes it’s just about that breath of allowance which will strengthen and ease us from frowning and suffering that WE are handling everything in our life. Because:

“When we give just one breath of allowance our heart will pound strongly, our mind will be relieved, and our solutions will start coming effortlessly.”

- Shachi Maheshwari, The writer is motivational and transformation trainer, life coach and author

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