Rustic flavours of Godavari

Rustic flavours of Godavari

The second longest river in India after the Ganges River Godavari makes the East and West Godavari bountiful The coastal region boasts of its...

The second longest river in India after the Ganges – River Godavari makes the East and West Godavari bountiful. The coastal region boasts of its authentic and flavour cuisine. Westin Hyderabad Mindspace has brought these rustic tastes of Godavari to its flagship restaurant Seasonal Tastes.

Executive Chef Mahesh Padala along with his core team Chef Shekhar Babai, the curator of the food fest ‘Godavari Palle Ruchulu’, and Pratab, Venue Manager, visited the Godavari to research about the cuisines of the region.

“Chef Shekhar Babai and Pratab are from the Godavari, so we thought why not go to the region and find out more about it. So, we visited the place and we were there for two-three days. We tried to cover as much as possible in that time. And it was a good experience. We have also made a video about the trip showcasing the culture and the scenic beauty of the region and we are getting a good response for that video on the social media,” Executive Chef Mahesh Padala shares.

“We have procured all the masalas and spices from the Godavari region to retain in the authentic flavour of the Godavari belt. And the fishes like Katte Parugu, Sandua, etc, which we are serving at food promotion also comes from the Godavari region. These river fishes of the fertile Godavari belt are a delicacy and we did not want to compromise on the taste and in that regard, we found out a supplier who assured of delivering fresh fishes once in 2-3 days from the Godavari,” Chef Padala adds.

Chef Shekhar Babai who has meticulously curated the menu for the food fest says, “I was born and raised in the Godavari and I am trying to get the taste right for our patrons. We have constructed wood-fired stoves just for this festival and we are cooking food in earthen pots. And also, the spices are from there. In the regionwhen they grind the red chillies in those huge mortar and pestle they use methi seeds, dhaniya, zeera while making it into powder and that itself becomes proper masala for any curry. And we made that red chilli powder there and brought it here for the food fest.”

When asked Chef Babai said his favourite dish from the food promotion was – ‘Guddamma mamsam’. Along with the answer Chef Babai shared an anecdote of the dish. “I learnt how to make ‘Guddamma mamsam’ from my mother-in-law (smiles). When I was newly married, I used to eat this dish every other day. I would observe my mother-in-law while cooking and one day I her to teach me and she gladly taught me to make the dish.”

“Cuisine from the Godavari is less hot than Telangana and Rayalaseema but with its tangy and spice taste it is more flavourful,” Chef Babai says.

Relish the authentic spices of Godavari Village of coastal Andhra Pradesh exquisitely curated to tantalise your palate. Savour an extensive array of traditional mouthwatering delicacies including Bommidayala Pulusu, Beerakaya - Dry Shrimp - Egg Curry, Sanduva Fish Fry Pappu Chintha Chiguru, Kodi Joint Masala, Pootha Rekulu, Bellam Jeedulu and much more.

The festival is on at Seasonal Tastes from 7 pm onwards every day till March 5.

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