Google to teach how to build own smartphone parts

Google to teach how to build own smartphone parts

Google To Teach How To Build Own Smartphone Parts

Washington: Google has reportedly announced that it would host its first Ara Developers' Conference this April, in which it would show developers what they could do with the company's modular phone project.
The first conference, in a series of three, would focus on the alpha release of the Ara Module Developers' Kit that would give developers all the information needed to make an 'Ara module'.

According to The Verge, the conference would be held online with a live webstream and interactive Q and A for those who wouldn't be able to attend the event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, and Google would walk through the existing and planned features for the Ara platform and reveal prize challenges for module developers.
This is the first word about Project Ara's future since Google announced plans to sell off Motorola for 2.91 billion dollars to Lenovo in January.
The report said that Ara Project means that making phones that people could customize with individual parts is a priority for Google, akin to Glass in its early stages.

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