Good news for OnePlus smartphone users
Good news for OnePlus smartphone users

OnePlus the Chinese smartphone maker has confirmed a guaranteed buyback program for its customers in India called OnePlus Assured Upgrade. This is a first-ever upgrade program from OnePlus that has been initiated on January 19 for the buyers of the latest flagship OnePlus 6T and can be acquired at just Rs 199. 

How does the OnePlus Assured Upgrade work
As part of this program, OnePlus is presenting a guaranteed buyback value for the users who want to upgrade their OnePlus device. 

Based on the timeline, the value OnePlus will offer: 

  • If the handset was purchased between a period of 3 and 5 months, OnePlus will offer 70% of the purchase value. 
  • If the handset was purchased between a period of 6 and 8 months, OnePlus will offer 55% of the purchase value. 
  • If the handset was purchased between 9 and 12 months, OnePlus will give 40% of the purchase value.
Let’s assume, if a user bought the OnePlus 6T 6GB variant for Rs 37,999 from one of the eligible OnePlus stores, then they can exchange between 3 to 5 months of a timeline to get Rs 26,599 back with the upgrade. In the same way, they can get Rs 20,899 when they come back between 6 to 8 months and Rs 15,199 between the timeline of 9 to 12 months.

How to avail OnePlus Assured Upgrade Program

During the Republic Day sale that begins from January 19 to January 27, the OnePlus Upgrade Program will work on both offline OnePlus Experience and Authorized stores as well as online on Amazon. Offline OnePlus Assured Upgrade can be availed at 7 stores -- OnePlus Experience Store - Bangalore, OnePlus Experience Store - Chennai, OnePlus Experience Store - Delhi, OnePlus Authorized Store - Pune, OnePlus Authorized Store - Navi Mumbai, OnePlus Authorized Store - Delhi (Saket), OnePlus Kiosk - Hyderabad (Inorbit Mall)

OnePlus users can start an exchange on the OnePlus Care app and get an assured value on your new device.

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