Hyderabad recently witnessed a brilliantly choreographed fashion show that had international models displaying the creations of designers - Joao Rolo from Kuwait, Elie Madi from Lebanon and Amato Couture, the brain child of Philippine designer Furne One – all who have fired up the runways at Paris and across the world. 

A resplendent stage was set at Hitex as a part of birthday celebrations of Sudha Reddy, a well-known Hyderabadi, wife of Megha Krishna Reddy. And in what can be called an intimate yet resplendent setting, the models sashayed around wearing some of the exquisite evening wear that included bridal wear befitting the season. 

Elie Madi, also known as the ‘celebrity designer’ has occupied the wardrobes of the likes of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, ParisHilton, Gwen Stefani, Mel B, Toni Braxton, Katie Perry, Nicole Sheridian, Yuri and Christel Khalil.  

He says, “If it’s an evening gown, it will not really be comfortable. For me I do not like minimal, I go all the way like a royal. I think one should dress to make a statement.” Evidently you see a lot of metallic, gold, quarter gold, and diamond crystals. And he says metallic is in. “Metallic would be in trend in 2019.Even in colours it would be metallic,” he states.

His designs invariably carry the Lebanese touch of elegance and class, and, also the Arabic touch of glitter and cuts of the west. He elaborates, “Lebanese designs are glamourous, which are elegant and classy. The women in Lebanon like to wear more of the simple stuff and the Arab they like more details. I work between Los Angles, Lebanese and Kuwait and my work is a mix of everything.”

He says, “Real evening wear should be elegant and glamorous like the Indian style with crystals and beads. I love Indian style; the way you guys do the sarees and stuff. I am a big fan of saree and now I am designing a wedding gown which is inspired by the Indian six yards.”

The Lebanese designer, who has dress Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor says, “I love Bollywood and follow the style a lot. I worked with Kareena she is a lovely person.” 

João Rôlo a Portuguese designer who has worked in the global fashion scene for more than 30 years, designs everything from clothes, home decor, and jewellery, thus was born the brand 'João Rôlo Home Collection' but his favourite, he admits, is the evening gown.

Rôlo says, “I love designing evening dresses and clothes for special occasions. Glitter is very present in my collection, with sequins, beautiful embroidery, lace, crystals, and flowers. Long dresses with high slits too are a big part of this collection.”

“I cut and do the fitting for the dresses myself. I pay great attention to details and like the finish to be perfect. Glamour and sophistication are very important for me,” he shares.

Rôlo, who has Bollywood actress Esha Gupta among his clientele, has also dressed celebrities for the Red Carpet in Cannes. “Last year, my dress was featured in the top 10 dresses in the film festival. My designs are very popular in India as well.”

About his present collection, he says, “It is called ‘Czarina’, inspired by the Russian empire. This is a dramatic and opulent collection mainly in gold colours. I have used royal colours – navy, burgundy, black, gold, green and fuschia. I also like feathers and have used them in this fall-winter collection.

Furne One partnered with textile expert Rashid Ali, to build this Avant Garde label ‘Amato Couture’. Amato is UAE’s first global designer brand that has earned itself an international cult following – from royalty to international celebrities and our own divas – Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif.

“My fashion style is experimental whereas my personal style is all in black,” Furne shares. Furne’s love for India is not limited to Bollywood alone, and he loves the richness of Indian culture the old buildings, heritage, and the Maharajas. He also admires the work of Rohit Bal and Manish Malhotra.

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