Bridesmaid ready to get the limelight

Bridesmaid ready to get the limelight

How exciting it is, isnt it, when your friend, the bridetobe, asks you to be the bridesmaid But alongwith that, comes many responsibilities and duties

How exciting it is, isn’t it, when your friend, the bride-to-be, asks you to be the bridesmaid. But alongwith that, comes many responsibilities and duties.

You not only assist in planning the wedding, the décor and her looks, you also help her in the execution of it all with as much perfection! In the bargain, you ought not to forget about your ensembles for each event and your looks. Here are some trends for every bridesmaid. Take a cue, plan your attire in advance and get set to rock the party!

Since you are going to be helping with so many chores, it’s advisable to wear something that isn’t too complicated nor too heavy. Make it simpler by indulging in clothing styles, jewellery and footwear that are easy to wear, easy to carry off, while looking beautiful.

Choose colours that suits your skin tone and silhouettes that enhances your style. It would be a good idea to wear an array of ensembles like a lehenga, saree, gown etc. for each of the functions. For all the outfits, try a varied colour palette and different pattern types. If one is in a floral print, then the other one should be in a solid colour.

You and the rest of the bridesmaid should coordinate your outfits for one event, max two and not more that. For one event, you all can follow the same colour, same silhouette theme such as lehengas in light yellow colour with the bride wearing a hot pink or coral colour lehenga.

It’s an absolute delight to see “dulhan kisaheliyan” in matched outfits flocking around the bride, especially during the wedding. Wear a colour that stands out, in harmony with the bride’s colour, without overpowering her outfit.

For another function like a cocktail party, you can wear the same colour but different styles like a cocktail gown, cape gown or even a western style saree. You all can even flaunt a pastels theme for yet another function, preferably for a day event.

All the ice-cream sorbet colour against the bright daylight is sure to look classy and dreamy! Now that you are all set, get ready to groove to some Bollywood beats and enjoy your bestie’s wedding!

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