Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections check your name on the voters' list online

Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections check your name on the voters list online

  • The 17th Lok Sabha elections are approaching and likely to be held in the next few days.
  • As responsible citizens, it's important for all of us to cast our vote and for this, you need to have your name on the electoral rolls.

If you're wondering if your name is included in the voters' list, here's how you can check it online. As long as you are mentioned in the electoral rolls, you can show any identity proof such as voter's card or Aadhaar to cast your vote.

Follow these simple steps to check your name on the voters' list.

1. Open National Voters' Service portal www.nvsp.in

(nvsp should open in a new tab - https://www.nvsp.in/)

2. Click on 'Search Your Name in Electoral Roll' option available at the extreme top left of the web page.

3. You will find two options to search either by "Search by EPIC number" or "Search by details", to verify if your name on the portal.

Please note EPIC is the number written on the voter ID card.

4. Select the option called 'Search by the EPIC number' located on the top and enter your details and click the 'Search' button.

5. If your name is there in the electoral list, then your details will appear in the search result at the bottom of the webpage.

6. If your name and other details don't appear, it means that your name is most likely missing from the electoral list.

7. You can further click on 'View Details' to check if all information is correct.

8. Click on the 'Search by Details' tab to get the search form and enter the required details. The portal will ask you to enter information such as name, age, DoB, state, sex and district.

9. Fill in the details and if your name appears, that means you are eligible to vote in your area.

10. People can also use the location option as an alternative method to search, you can set your location on the map

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