Apple AirPods 2 vs AirPods, all you need to know!

Apple AirPods 2 vs AirPods, all you need to know!

  • Apple launched the second generation AirPods
  • Soon wireless earphones will be available in India
  • No big difference between AirPods of the first and second generation

Apple launched the second generation AirPods. In the coming months, the new truly wireless earphones will be available in India. This time a lot was expected from Apple, with the new AirPods things haven't really changed much. There is hardly any difference evident between the AirPods of the first and second generation. Anyhow, the price tags are different on paper; Apple looks to have done fairly a bit. Here we are comparing the two models of AirPods. Do remember that there are no rumours of health tracking features in the new AirPods.

The Similarities

Both AirPods models look identical but there's a new LED indicator

The first and second generation Apple AirPods looks exactly the same and there are no new colour options. You are still stuck with the same White colour with silver touches. Even the weight and size have remained the same. To your surprise, the first generation AirPods will get fit inside the charging case of the second AirPods. You can also buy a common Wireless Charging Case at Rs 7,500 alone to use along with both the models. If in case Apple decides to launch the AirPower wireless charging mat later this year, this might come handy.

Apple has added only one difference in the design of the new AirPods that is an LED light indicator on the charging case. The light alerts us of the battery status.

The Differences

The new AirPods offer "Hey Siri" support

With the new AirPods, to activate Siri you don't need to double tap on a bud. Now you can simply say "Hey Siri" to the AirPods itself. Apple says to make it truly hands-free and easier to change songs, make a call, adjust the volume or get directions while navigating.

Expect improved performance with new H1 chip

The new AirPods comes with the H1 chip instead of the W1 chip. Apple says that the new H1 chip presents a customized audio architecture to offer a better audio experience and better synchronization. But the firm did not comment on any noticeable difference in audio quality.

The new AirPods ensure that they offer up to 50% more talk time compared to the first generation AirPod. If you thought that the first generation of AirPods was a bit slower to connect and switch between devices, Apple says that the new AirPods offer connection times twice as fast.

Better Battery Life

You can expect the same battery time of approximately 5 hours, but now "it offers 50% more talk time". The new AirPods come with the standard charging case or the new wireless charging case. Each case has additional charges for more than 24 hours of total listening time. The wireless charging case is compatible with any Qi wireless charger. An LED light located on the front of the box shows the state of charge.

Price Details

The second generation Apple AirPods with a normal case is priced at Rs 14,900 in India. There is another variant of the new Apple AirPods with a wireless charging case at a price of Rs 18,900. There is also the option to buy the wireless charging case in Rs 7,500 separately. Note that you can also purchase the new wireless charging case for use with the old AirPods.

On the other hand, the first generation of Apple AirPods is now available at a reduced price of Rs 12,299 in Flipkart. Some stores even offer it for a little less. Apple will probably discontinue the first generation of AirPods, which will leave you the only option to buy a new one.

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